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5G EMF Dangers Covered Up by Tom Wheeler, FCC

The recent FCC speech by Tom Wheeler in youtube at bottom of article is astonishing.

The reason Wheeler sounds like he is gung ho for big money and big industry, is that the FCC is now just a rubber stamp for industry and no longer a regulatory agency. His speech is completely unprofessional, unless seen as PR.  No precautionary principal at all.

The 5G platform will be even more dangerous to health than current wireless ( www.bioinitiative.org )  because those that control all the alleged regulatory agencies, USDA, EPA, FDA, and FCC, see overpopulation as a threat which they want to control in such a way that they can remain in control. A great example is EPA removing radiation monitoring stations in response to Fukashima, or Aspartame coverup by FDA. Who benefits from this? Keep asking that!

Another great example is NOAA protecting us from “climate change” while fabricating data.  Again, who benefits?

The USDA, which oversees the foods labeled as “Certified Organic”, states quite clearly on its website about its role in organic,  that “Our regulations do not address food safety or nutrition.”  We can then ask, is “USDA organic label” really just intended to drive out small organic growers?  Who is counter testing organic foodsCostco was run by William Gates Sr, a former head of Planned Parenthood (see below video), so, what was the monopolistic vision of Costco exactly? If Planned Parenthood / Costco pushes organic, what does this mean from a eugenicist viewpoint?

30 second video

Now, let’s ask, why is FCC pushing a dangerous technology? And why a technology that makes people less autonomous?

Please remember, convenience equals dependency. 

The more dependent and dumbed down the population might be to “convenience”, the less resistance there will be to control.

Imagine a world where no one has the ability to drive a car manually. This is what the machine desires. Here, ‘cars’ is just a metaphor for everything people use. Imagine a world where less and less people are capable.

The happy slave is exactly what the machine is trying to produce.  Zuckerberg’s push for 3D headsets is classic.  5G, whoo hoooo!

– Ray Songtree


The following from Forbidden Knowledge TV 

“Watching Tom Wheeler announce the roll-out of the new 5G cellular phone platform is like watching a non-apoplectic Hitler. Tom Wheeler, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) looks like he’s explaining our own genocide to ourselves in this press conference.

“Josh Del Sol, Director of the film,’Take Back Your Power’ has put together this clip, featuring this “rubber stamping” ceremony for
this untested technology, in which we see journalists ignored and ejected from the press conference for daring to Is a Gestapo-type
entity working behind the scenes in the United States, censoring truth about the “5G” rollout? Josh says watch this – then decide.”

Video: (39 mins):

Gestapo In The USA: The FCC’s Press Intimidation, Suppression of Science, and 5G Rollout


Scientists and Doctors Demand Moratorium on 5G

Increased radiation from cell towers poses potential risks, say scientists from around the world.

(Örebro, Sweden) Sept. 13, 2017

Over 180 scientists and doctors from 35 countries sent a declaration to officials of the European Commission today demanding a moratorium on the increase of cell antennas for planned 5G expansion. Concerns over health effects from higher radiation exposure include potential neurological impacts, infertility, and cancer.

In their letter to the European Commission, the scientists write,

“We, the undersigned, more than 180 scientists and doctors from 35 nations, recommend a moratorium on the roll-out of the fifth generation, 5G, for telecommunication until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry.”

“The wireless industry is trying to deploy technology that may have some very real unintended harmful consequences,” explains one of the organizers of the letter, Lennart Hardell, MD, PhDAssociate Professor, Department of Oncology, Faculty of Medicine and Health, Örebro University, Örebro, Sweden. “Scientific studies from years ago along with many new studies are consistently identifying harmful human health impacts when wireless products are tested properly using conditions that reflect actual exposures. With hazards at those exposures, we are very concerned that the added exposure to 5G radiation could result in tragic, irreversible harm.”

5G expansion, which is designed to carry higher loads of data more rapidly through wireless transmission, will require the construction of cell towers every 10-20 houses in urban areas.

University of California, Berkeley public health researcher Joel Moskowitz, PhD, explains,

“Peer-reviewed research has documented industry influence on studies of the health impacts of wireless radiation. We are insisting on a moratorium on 5G until non-industry research can be conducted to ensure the safety of the public.”

Moskowitz is one of the advisors to an earlier effort, the International EMF Scientist Appeal, a petition submitted to the United Nations and World Health Organization in 2015.  The Appeal has now been signed by more than 230 scientists from 41 nations—all have published peer-reviewed research on the biologic or health effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Since the Appeal was published, the world’s largest $25 million study, conducted by the National Toxicology Program in the US, shows statistically significant increases in the incidence of brain and heart cancer in animals exposed to cellphone radiation at levels below international guidelines. This supports human studies on cellphone radiation and brain tumour risk, as demonstrated in many peer-reviewed scientific studies.

The Appeal and this week’s declaration identify health concerns from exposure to radiofrequency radiation including …
“ … increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans. Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plant and animal life.”

Roll-out of 5G in the US

In the US, the wireless industry is promoting legislation in at least 20 states to facilitate the roll-out of 5G in addition to sponsoring legislation at the federal level.

In California, city and county governments are opposing SB 649,an industry-sponsored bill which overrides local control over the wireless industry’s access to utility poles and public buildings for 5G deployment. Environmental health advocates fear that exposure to the added radiation from 5G infrastructure will contribute to increased health problems. (See compendium of letters and news articleson SB649 at this link.)

“If this bill passes, many people will suffer greatly, and needlessly, as a direct result. This sounds like hyperbole. It is not.” according to Beatrice Golomb, MD, PhDProfessor of Medicine in the medical school at the University of California, San Diego. In her open letter which summarizes the research on the effects of radio frequency radiation, she concludes, ”Let our focus be on safer, wired and well shielded technology – not more wireless.”

The press release, the declaration and a list of signatories can be found at  http://bit.ly/5Gscienceappeal

CBS Los Angeles Newsradio (KNX) is reporting on this story today.
This press release is from the press release issued on the site of Dr. Joel Moskowitz at University of California at http://bit.ly/5Gscienceappeal

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