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Was this a Fake Tsunami Warning? Jan 23, 2018

Hawaii 1:30 AM  Jan 23, 2018

So now the government wakes up everyone (with a cell phone) in night with a tsunami warning, the New York Times prints a story, and then NOAA cancels the warning 1 hour and 40 minutes later. 

If this is covered nationally in morning, it adds to jitters. Bingo, that is manipulation of people’s emotions.

With ramping up exposure of deep state corruption, all kinds of fake and real attacks should be expected as the criminals who control all agencies squirm in desperation.  This bothers me more than a tsunami warning.

If I had a cell phone, I would have been in my car heading for higher ground in middle of night and perhaps waking neighbors, rather than writing this. I’m glad I have no cancer phone.


and the cancellation…..


Is it just a coincidence that this alert is on heels of concocted missile warning 10 days ago? 

Was there really an Earthquake? NOAA lies about weather data to create the global warming lie, so why should we trust USGS that there really was an 8.2 Earthquake?  It was allegedly 180 miles off Alaskan coast and 10 miles deep says USGS. 


We’ll see how this pans out tomorrow when people demand an explanation.


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