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Fake Jessie Smollet Operation Explained

We all should stop reacting to the news. The news is propaganda fabrication in real time, with one operation after another.

The Smollett news was fabricated to detract from the Trump collusion exoneration.

Jessie Smollett reminds me very much of the Laughing Bomber, the guy who was blamed for the Bali Bombing that killed hundreds, a “car bomb” that left an impossible crater, which the government literally covered within hours, as the bombing was another inside job. The Laughing Bomber couldn’t help laughing for the press, as he probably made a fortune. Smollett is an ACTOR.  See the video below, and shame on me for even reacting to the “news” any more.  

The reason that CIA Director William Casey said

‘We’ll Know Our Disinformation Program Is Complete When Everything the American Public Believes Is False’?

is that when that happens, then there is no resistance from truth, and since the unnatural alien goal is to replace life with a human/slave made silicon based planet, the humans/slaves will have no qualms in carrying out their “jobs” as they would no longer have any grounding in any nature / truth.  

Imagine that there are people who believe the earth is flat, while every other celestial body is spherical.   If someone believes the Earth is flat, they might believe implanted chips in a cashless society are for your safety.

I hope the reader understands, that none of us are as independent as we were in past, and that grounded natural indigenous independence must be crushed, as everyone must be dependent in order for the slave system to “progress.”  

(All progressives are utopianists, by the way, every single one. Indigenous peoples are perhaps the only true conservatives.)

If you don’t yet understand that working for money is not liberty, it is slavery, and that we are not experiencing history, we are experiencing a program to replace history, please ponder, are human beings stronger or weaker than we were 500 years ago? Since we are in fact weaker, freedom is really debilitating, because it is not positive, it is destructive.

This is the problem with listening to someone like Sean Hannity, who actually thinks that the US with 800 military bases overseas to control resources to keep us fat, is something to be proud of, as we are so wealthy and free. No, we are slaves, and the slavery is scheduled to move to China leaving North America as just another globalist feeding trough like Africa and South America, to be ravaged. No, we do not have liberty, we have slavery. No, we are not great, we are overweight.

We need a president you says, “Make American Honest.” Forget the again part.

Anyway, we need to be very circumspect in reacting to news.

The reason the dismissal of charges against Jessie Smollett by the prosecutors was so unbelievable, is only because we made the mistake of thinking any part of the story was believable. He was and is an actor who works for the deep state.

Click on image below to start Smollett analysis video.

Note: Trump is a wrench in the gears of the globalist schedule because he is taking a step toward re-localization based on sovereignty, slandered as far right nationalism and supremacism by the liberal utopian globalist mafia. The price of Trump breakaway is a final unsustainable feeding frenzy by the American Dream dreamers. Peak mineral extraction and mass deaths by contaminates, including wifi, is occurring now. The future is not fat. In my opinion, Trump is not acting alone and has invisible support. There is a spiritual war occurring and the bad guys are the liars who tried to frame him with collusion and us with confusion. Let’s get clear!

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