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Does Peace on Earth Mean Open Borders and Anything Goes?

By October 2, 2018 Children
Email Oct 2, 2018
Dear Kauai Principals – Purple day was for what exactly?


Hi Tony,   cc Erik, Tahara, Mayor, County Council

This is Ray, dad of  _____ .
I have found no information online about yesterday’s “wear purple anti bullying day,” 
except this rather frightening link.  Obviously you were told by DOE to call everyone on a Sunday to request/order kids to wear purple. Please check out this link.
Wear Purple, Standup Against Bullying – erin tommy

The LGBTQ (..xyz) community feels that any criticism is bullying. We should tolerate anything, anything goes, no lines, no borders, and certainly no enforcement of borders, as that would be bullying. This year everyone is supposed to wear a purple shirt. And that is what Hawaii DOE wanted for it’s own anti-bullying day. 

I would like you to know that I do not support gender blurring. I support family values of clear male energy and clear female energy working together.  I believe every culture has a duty to define it’s perimeters, and avoiding all perimeters in the name of tolerance destroys culture.  That is, I do support clear differentiation. 
If anti-bullying has anything to do with “gender is not biological” then I’m not happy with this request to wear purple.
Here is real bullying in Hawaii….  but the question remains, “Do locals get to hate being destroyed by outsiders?”
Tony, you have a lot on your plate. I would like to be helpful and not a thorn in your day.
I don’t see you in a position to do anything about environmental pollution at school, as I mentioned to you in person, because you are new.  Erik and Tahara could / would do nothing, and they are not new.
Sadly, education will not come from the DOE, as they are afraid to rock boat of state.  The state is afraid to rock boat of Fed, and the Fed is afraid to rock boat of globalism.  Globalism believes in transformation, not conserving anything.
But back at home, the fact is that wireless frequencies 24/7 and glyphosate in school food are both carcinogenic…. and so, the schools in Hawaii are incapable of offering a clean safe environment for children.
see list of links under this search
This is a user friendly overview of glyphosate
This is a brief study guide for Kauai  Administrators which I produced
Ray Songtree

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  • Diana Howard says:

    Powerful post! I just wonder if it will make a dent in the liberal armor.

  • It’s complicated. Peace on earth means universal closed borders. Not paying icegov odnigov $21trillion taxes, and then trump tax cuts causing a loss of jobs around all of USA. ~ creates a math negative of peace, like an open vagina. Have to let anyone who can walk enter. Peace is a balanced budget. No balance, then funnel down hill into USA debt pit, not intending to fill? ~ sorry I pointed out taxes and #SteadyState theory of #noneshallpass, instead of demonstrating the CaravanMoment all shall pass who may walk, because flight using negative commodity without currency=further energy debts.

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