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Discussion – Discrimination Against Jews?


I feel that anyone who is surprised by hatred against white people, or hatred against Jewish people, has not studied history.
There is a damn good reason whites are hated in Hawaii, for example.
(Someone free of hate has a big problem because, then, they must be tolerant of any crime, any abuse. They can’t hate so they don’t hate pedophilia for example. Well, I do!  Pedophilia disgusts me!  I hate it so much I might kill a perpetrator if I found him in the act. But some liberals are too busy being “free”, right? Free to be perverse. Pedophiles have rights! )
Let’s remember, the British Empire was the business model of the Rothschilds, that the slavers and drug runners and debt slaver banksters, were (and still are) Jews, and that Jews have been kicked out of most countries because they are predatory.  That is history.
Also remember the Talmud embraces pedophilia and discrimination against all non-Jews.
If anyone ever slurs me as a Jew, I surprise them by telling them I agree with them and am ashamed of the history of the Jews and am vehemently anti-Israel.  I know more about the negative side than they do!  And Ed, there is no positive side. Please remember that.
The positive Jews became Christian.  The Golden Rule is far more moral than Genesis. Jesus, a Jew, called it out… “the Synagogue of Satan.”  Those that agreed with him became Christian.
Every Jewish accomplishment undermines local traditions. Being “humanitarian” translates to being for new world order monoculture where everyone is equal with fair rations.   I don’t know if you have thought about this.
My uncle helped get Jackie Robinson into national baseball league. He actually was the journalist who paved the way for this. 
Press Box Red: The Story of Lester Rodney, the Communist Who Helped Break the Color Line in American Sports. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2003.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lester_Rodney
Seems humanitarian that blacks should be treated as equal, right?  Wrong.
Blacks should be allowed to have their own distinct culture because their roots are different than Europeans. The NAACP was started by Jews, not for equality, but to reign in black culture and cut black roots. For first twenty years, the NAACP president was Jewish. For control!
(Jacob Schiff, lead Rothschild agent in USA, created FED, ADL, NAACP and was lead behind CFR)
Please do think about this, ponder it…… 
“Do I want equality or do I want diversity????????” 
Please ask yourself this.
Obviously, my uncle could NEVER consider diversity as better.  He was a communist, another creation of Rothschilds who funded Marx, Lenin, and Mao.
I very much disagree with your statement,  “Most Jews are innocent of any Globalist intrigue. ”   I feel you are mistaken. Most Jews are liberal and that is globalism.  Jews invade a country with humanitarian liberalism and destroy the tradition, and call the local traditional way “conservative.” Liberals stand for nothing but “tolerance” so they can freely be allowed to corrode the local society.  That is why Jews like cities, where they are more free to be non-traditional. Tolerance translates to no boundaries and no distinct sovereignty or distinct cultures.
Again, do you want equality or diversity?
Do you want New World Order or 6000 languages and cultures like we had before colonialism?
Ponder this please.
The word, “anti semite” is another lie, created by ADL, Anti-Defamation League, another creation of Jacob Schiff= Rothschilds. 90% of so called Jews are not of a semitic language background, but are white people from Europe, who converted to Judaism in 8th century, Kingdom of Khazar. 

Almost all Israelis came from the Caspian Basin, not from Israelite blood.


These white European “Jews” are lying invaders in Palestine today. In past, these people were as caustic to Western European  society as Sharia Law is caustic to Chrisitan values now. As I have shared with you, Loyola and the Jesuits recruited Jews,  anti Christian values Jews. That is why Jesuits are so ugly… they are not Christian at heart.

Lastly, one of the greatest Jews in our time is Henry Makow who thoroughly understands the Illuminati and New World Order, both and one in the same, creation of Jews.
Please go to my website and search “Jew”.  I probably have 100 articles on Judaism, monoculture, hollywood, bankers, science, and Zuckerberg.  And now, Trump, another Zionist Jew, for real, no joke.

On 7/3/2018 at 3:21 PM, “Ed wrote:

Hi Ray,
… The reason I forwarded Morris’s message to you is to alert you to the rising recrudescence of anti-Semitism. I know how you feel about the Rothschilds and the possible Israeli connection to 9/11. Let’s set this topic aside for now.
The fact of the matter is that there is blame to go around for all of the world’s problems from many different groups. Most Jews are innocent of any Globalist intrigue. Jews should not be singled out as scapegoats.
Morris is doing his best to nip the incidents of anti-Senitism in his community before the situation gets out of control. He should be regarded as a hero.
In the 1980s, Morris, as an international [Ray’s note – international law???] lawyer, tried his best to get President Reagan to gain the release of Raoul Wallenberg from a Russian jail. His efforts were thwarted by John Roberts, who is now the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. 
President Reagan was all set to appeal to the Russians to gain Wallenberg’s freedom when Roberts, a high ranking member of the United States State Department, stepped in and advised Reagan against making the effort. Wallenberg remained in jail where he died many years later.
Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat, [Who went to school in Michagan] saved nearly 100,000 [disputed and exaggerated number]  Hungarian Jewish lives during the closing days of the Holocaust.
[note from Ray…. the word “humanity” here means one tribe, one monoculture…. 
“The Raoul Wallenberg Committee of the United States aims to perpetuate the humanitarian ideals and the nonviolent courage of Raoul Wallenberg, and to remind the world that the heroic actions of a single person can make a difference to humanity.”]
[“Wallenberg was also an American intelligence asset, having been recruited by a US spy operating out of the War Refugee Board, an American government outfit with offices throughout Eastern Europe. In January of 1945, as the Soviet Red Army descended on Hungary, Moscow gave orders for Wallenberg’s arrest on charges of spying for Washington.” – Source ]
Best regards,

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