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Derrick’s Buddhist Gestalt and the Word Hate


Joey, what you wrote was brilliant. I would like you to expand it.  However, you are doing what I do, jumping  so many hurdles of new understanding that we lose people. Can you hit this again please? As I understood you, you are saying the machine is so compartmentalized that there is no accountability, while we delude ourselves that because we think we can exercise free speech on Facebook, that a magic awakening is going to happen…. meanwhile the world gets slaughtered. I can’t sum up your words, the way you would.

But, I will say, memes like “the 1%” are understood now by LOTS of people, where as 10 years ago, not so.

I am reading Dreams by Derrick Jensen.…    He is hitting so many of my points.  Blowing my mind the synchronicity. In my writing I have boiled the dominant culture down to “disconnecting vanity.” 

One of my big jabs at science is that scientists are unable to machine calibrate their own dreams, and so they deny that their dreams exist!  But they dream every night and every moment!  Does reality include dreams or not?  Who is really being observant here?

I just read some paragraphs of Derrick’s where monotheism, science and capitalism are rolled into one.  What Derrick doesn’t dare to mention yet is Satanism and ET.  He also chastises Christianity, which was retarded back to Judaism by including Old Testament in order to co-opt revolution by Jesus. What we call the Judeo-Christian ethic is just a false package. The entity who used Moses wanted domination (Genesis > dominion, chosen people, subdue), while Jesus said, “spread the word, we don’t need this shit.”  Spreading the word was shifted to direct hegemony, a la the Catholic Church, and then “manifest destiny” by the “Christian” gold diggers. (Digging gold is metaphor for skimming the cream off of the natural world. It was justified because we are getting fat, right?)

Even though Derrick names the dogma of science as not allowing a memory of the evolution of science, (the certainty of science is transitory, but science cannot admit it!) all of us are inhibited to name what we are coming to understanding, which David Icke has already stated…

“There is an alien civilization that is satanic that has interbred with us so that we are slaves of their machine and the Earth is being used up for them.”  -paraphrase 

If anyone reading this thinks that hairless apes evolved through natural selection and though stone age, figured out astronomy and geometry to build pyramids, they haven’t realized… ET has ALWAYS been here. We weren’t discovered, we were genetically engineered, but…. we still got heart, so we are not yet as lost as the ET ice people who want to convert Earth to another battery for their own disconnected vanity to seek immortality.  Sorry, lots of hurdles in that statement. Back up…. 

The desire for immortality of the “ascended masters” (if you don’t know what I am talking about this link will blow your mind)  is linked directly to endlessly impactful tech like “free energy” which ET/guru minion Steven Greer exemplifies and embodies.  Utopia and immortality are unnatural endeavors that feed off of and destroy the organic. However, perfection, utopia, immortality, heaven, moksha, ascension… are just vain disconnected masturbations. When we love change, we don’t try to control it. Plurality becomes okay. Then, we are not “one”, we are two, and I respect YOU.)

Jensen actually stated the Buddhist axiom without perhaps realizing it…. that all is motion. Therefore there is no possibility of stating “truth” nor is there any possibility of an immutable self.

Oh, vanity hates that!

Note the word hate.

Ray Songtree



On 8/31/2016 at 8:56 PM, Joey wrote:

The whole New Age Grand Sham have the “best” and “most awake” among our population all wrapped up in emoticons, “ascension” , and sending their intentions to the universe. They want to believe Fulford and Glenn Canady and use social media to clear their conscience.

I “showed up” in Washington D.C., on campus at Pratt Institute, in the streets of New York to “get my fair share of abuse” for the cause, back in the day. Word of mouth and organization is how it happened. If that happens now you could be labeled a terrorist, your writ of habeus corpos is waived. The war is sterile now. Remote Attack Vehicles (drones) run by joystick in Vegas, “splash” targets, prosecuted from air conditioned tech centers, proportional collateral damage (War Crimes justified by civilian casualties on September 11) is sought, first responders to the prosecution of our targets are double tapped increasing the damage assessments (body count).

We don’t have media coverage of flag draped coffins anymore. There are no boots on the ground, who when captured are on video denouncing America before being decapitated.

We no longer have a draft, dragging young men intent on partying off to kill or die. “Oh, we won that one!” Now they have nicely compensated volunteers who actually think they are saving your life for every two or three thousand they kill first, making billions for corporate hot shots and Wall Street!

What we have is an adversary that is so clever that either vast numbers agree with our military actions or we all feel righteous in exercising our First Amendment Right to Free Speech, while we delude ourselves into thinking that the 100th Monkey is just around the corner.

On 8/31/2016 at 7:25 PM, ray wrote:
>Pat’s experience is perfect duplicate of what I see on Kauai. I asked the Facebook GMO page if anyone was interested in protesting Round Up herbicide. No response. NOTHING.
>A woman from Big Island who put out a petition to stop roundup on Kauai got 600 signatures. She said no one, zero, was willing to do anything else.
>Virtual protest is BS and thinking we are part of a consciousness shift because we read stuff is just virtual. Just virtual.
>See his message below….

> This is a special message from Patrick Wood, Editor of Technocracy News.

> Dear Friend,
> Whenever I am on a radio interview – and I do a lot of them –
>invariably ask, “What can we do?”
> Unfortunately, that’s the wrong question. If anyone really has a
>to actually do something, they would ask, “_What can I do?_”
> One year ago, I launched LocalActivist.Net as a private and
>social network for people to share ideas, make plans, and fight
>against all the garbage that has been shoved down to every
>in America: Sustainable Development, Smart Growth, Sustainable
>Land Use policies, all of which is directly related to the
>implementation of Technocracy.
> Join LocalActivist Now!
> The response was anemic. In fact, it was embarrassing. Thus far,
>there has not been one single action or protest started, much less
> And yet, people continue to blab their about their activities all
>over Facebook and Google, not having a clue that the ‘enemy’ is
>watching their every move while quietly launching their own
>laser-guided counter attacks to stop them dead in their tracks.
> What do you think the WWII watch-phrase meant, “Loose lips sink
>ships”? The fact is, loose lips are sinking our activist plans
>they even get out of dry-dock.
> Well, I am going to try this again. If you are fed up and ready to
>take action to clean up your local town, city, county and state,
>join LocalActivist.Net now and get started! Grab some like-minded
>people from your community and get them started too!
> LocalActivist is a member-supported network, meaning you pay a
>membership fee to maintain the site. It is also self-monitored,
>meaning that you help to keep out trolls, spies and agents
> Please step up and give it a try!
> Yours for Action,
> Patrick Wood  Editor and Author

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