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Defaming Civil War Statues and Revisionist History

A quick discussion of revisionist history, American Civil War as one example, and the ultimate revisionist history, hiding the 500 years of American Holocaust.
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Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2017

Lee and Jackson both openly opposed slavery. This article below and an article on Lincoln on the same blog, are worthy of attention by 21st century Americans who have been sold a revisionist version of history.


On Aug 29, 2017, at 12:21AM, Ray Songtree wrote:

Here was my comment on article:

“If I followed your reasoning, the States rights that the South was fighting for was the right not to be taxed. Can you offer some proof that this is so? I would also ask if the North and Lincoln were not fighting the international Rothschild bankers, as we are told that they were incensed by the debt free Greenback? Were not the Rothschilds involved with the confederacy, dividing America because they were still sore about losing war of 1812 and not killing Andrew Jackson? I am not asking these questions rhetorically. I would like to know the truth about these things. Please see this article http://rense.com/general78/brudt.htm and this one https://lipstick-and-war-crimes.org/the-roth-efellers-the-rothschild-family-finance-john-d-rockefeller-through-first-national-bank-cleveland/


[This following quote has been shown to be fake news.… The establishment Times of London stated: “If that mischievous financial policy which had its origin in the North American Republic [i.e. honest Constitutionally authorized no debt money] should become indurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without a debt [to the international bankers]. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of the civilized governments of the world. The brains and wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.”    – This is fabricated statement.]
Message from T-
Yes, without a doubt Rothschilds were involved. However, for people to say the undeclared aggression against the south had as its goal the abolition of slavery, or that the south seceded to keep slavery, is a distortion of history. It is reasonable that if a nation state voluntarily joins a union, it may voluntarily leave. I think the import tariffs applied to the machinery and other manufactured goods of the South’s European trading partners began the economic war. Europe responded by putting import tariffs on the South’s agricultural products.
I think if one were to dig deep enough, one could find Rothschild agents pushing northern members of congress to put import tariffs on goods the south bought from Europe, and Rothschild agents in the south criticizing such tariffs locally. The only time our money was not controlled by a central bank was during the Andrew Jackson administration. Lincoln only issued the greenbacks after the interest rates were raised to confiscatory levels. Lincoln himself said he had two foes, bankers at his rear and southerners at his front, the latter being more honorable. 

So for 21st century Americans to demand that confederate monuments be removed as symbols of slavery is grotesque. If secession from Britain was legal, why was secession from the United States not legal? Slavery was not an issue until northern support for the war weakened, and then it was played as a “righteous cause” to the people. Lincoln freed no slaves under his authority, the emancipation proclamation applied only to slaves in states Lincoln was at war with. So had the South prevailed, Lincoln would not be historically credited with freeing slaves. Likely that distinction would have gone to the likes of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, as slaveholders were looking for a way out of the slavery situation, as it was grossly inefficient.

Problem is that racists of color blame all people of European descent for the greed and treachery of a few. Let it not be forgotten that the slaves provided to the slave traders were the losers of local wars in Africa. So in conclusion, no race, or people group for that matter, is guiltless and totally the victim, and people of good will exist within just about every grouping one may devise. Witness Johnny Todd, Cisco Wheeler and Arizona Wilder who left the Illuminati.
Message from Ray Songtree

Thanks  Tom. I am adjusting my mind to idea that civil war was not about slavery, but also, it was, because whites in north felt they had a chance to expunge their sin by fighting against slavery. So this gave them energy.  The New World Order used the new “equality”, as proven by fact that Jacob Schiff founded NAACP.  The goal of a raceless blended cloned monoculture is a template, an alien template, so all these fights have a goal, a final “synthesis.”

I added a second comment to article which was inspired by some things you said.

“There is a giant undiscussed fact about slavery, which has nothing to do with economics. ALL black girls were raped. ALL. One freed slave said he was convinced that this source of extramarital sex was the real reason whites in the south supported slavery, and this did include poor whites, not just the slave owners, so those percentage numbers in article are irrelevant. More people need to adjust to what exactly they think slavery was. The slaves fled to the North. The South in its entirety was a place of slavery and rape. That is the cultural fact. This may have shifted after Civil War, but didn’t change the white cultural paradigm very much. Prejudice against blacks is very ingrained still, as Martin Luther King showed us all. So there is some denial here. (Few know that James Earl Ray was innocent – https://lipstick-and-war-crimes.org/hiding-the-verdict-the-1999-martin-luther-king-civil-trial/ )


The founding fathers were Freemasons. That needs to come out too. They were not Christian. They did not have an idea of God based on love Jesus style, they had an idea of a godhead symbolized by an all seeing eye on a pyramid built with slavery. It is on the dollar bill in plain site.

If I were Black, I would spit at a statue of Washington or Jefferson. Jefferson was behind Indian Removal Act and Louisiana Purchase, outright theft. If I were Native American I would throw poop.


When all the crimes come out, it  will be goodbye USA and hello re-localization. I’m all for that. The US was never great, and I don’t know why people keep repeating this. It was great for white people, and then after the Rothschild Spanish-American war, the US replaced the Rothschild British Empire as the chief imperialistic power for, now, over a century. Is that great? I look at it all from indigenous eyes, and I can’t see anything great about the Great American Holocaust.


No one is guiltless. Native Americans had slavery and torture, but not all, because there were very distinct tribes each with an ancient language. A foolishness of Trump is his “Make America Great Again.” For Native Americans, that would be 500 years ago.


The crimes will come out. The Freemasonry constitution was never about equality or inalienable rights for Blacks or any other race, particularly the residents, the original natives. This hatred is so deep that most readers of these words have little respect for Native Americans even at this moment.”


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  • raysongtree says:

    Book….. Shadow of the Sentinel: One Man’s Quest to Find the Hidden Treasure of the Confederacy by Warren Getler and Bob Brewer (Simon & Schuster, 2003)

    “The prompt and vigorous action of the whole Secession movement, by which states with a majority attached to the Union were hurled, scarce knowing how, into rebellion, would never have been accomplished save by a long established and perfectly drilled organization. It is not enough to sway millions that the leaders simply know what to do, or that they have the power to do it. There must be organization and subordination, if only to control the independent action of demagogues and of selfish politicians, who abound in the South, as elsewhere. Had the existence of the K.G.C. [Knights of the Golden Circle] never been revealed, the historian would have detected it by its results, and been compelled in fairness to admit that it was admirably instituted to fulfill its ends, evil as they were, and that its work was well done. ” – Continental Monthly, May 1862

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