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Are Rednecks an Endangered Species? Ruby Ridge and the New World Order

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  I am watching the movie Revelation: Dawn of Global Government.  The General who speaks has very strong testimony. In it they included Randy Weaver, now old, of Ruby Ridge Siege 1992.  I glanced at some fake news articles from WA Post etc. Post has been fake news all our lives and luckily I know that now, as I read their crap versions.   In that movie Revelation, (Not same as Waco – a NewRevelation, a MUST see)  they included the Ruby Ridge negotiator from government.  I found a video in article below and he speaks in it also.       As a warning, this below is a very sobering chilling 15 minute video.   It made me think about all the people like me that just want a quiet place to live.   These stories about what happened at Ruby Ridge are heaped with alternative versions to confuse people, but the video in article below was clarifying.     It disgusts me that law enforcement agencies can never make a mistake and gets away with murder again and again.  The man who killed Weaver’s wife, (who was holding a baby) was let off.  Again the stories vary. Was she in house or walking out the door? In plain sight? Why would a sniper with a scope fire at an unclear target? So many lies.  IMO he knew what he was shooting at.  Someone gave a psycho a gun, knowing his insanity.  Like death of Adam Levoy, it was fully planned.   See…

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