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Are Rednecks an Endangered Species? Ruby Ridge and the New World Order

Ruby Ridge 1992


I am watching the movie Revelation: Dawn of Global Government.  The General who speaks has very strong testimony.

In it they included Randy Weaver, now old, of Ruby Ridge Siege 1992.  I glanced at some fake news articles from WA Post etc. Post has been fake news all our lives and luckily I know that now, as I read their crap versions.
In that movie Revelation, (Not same as Waco – a NewRevelation, a MUST see)  they included the Ruby Ridge negotiator from government.  I found a video in article below and he speaks in it also.    
As a warning, this below is a very sobering chilling 15 minute video.   It made me think about all the people like me that just want a quiet place to live.
These stories about what happened at Ruby Ridge are heaped with alternative versions to confuse people, but the video in article below was clarifying.  
It disgusts me that law enforcement agencies can never make a mistake and gets away with murder again and again.  The man who killed Weaver’s wife, (who was holding a baby) was let off.  Again the stories vary. Was she in house or walking out the door? In plain sight? Why would a sniper with a scope fire at an unclear target? So many lies.  IMO he knew what he was shooting at.  Someone gave a psycho a gun, knowing his insanity.  Like death of Adam Levoy, it was fully planned.
See video in this article
I haven’t finished Revelation movie yet. It is a lot to take in. I think Nov 4 is last day it can be viewed for free. I have mixed feelings about it, because I understand the Constitution as a document written by Freemason slave owners, and as I’ve shared, I knew Jefferson intimately.  He was a globalist, hated Native Americans, and was just a puppet. He, Franklin and others, in my opinion were ET agents, here to create the extraction zone for ET, run by AI, which is now manifesting. Franklin brought us the infinite Environmental Impact Statement, electricity. I constantly remind everyone that our present tech came directly from back engineered space craft.
Our electricity is a temporary artificial replacement of natural electricity and our unsustainable tech will only last until the ET extraction is done. I’m saying that the organic planet is being made into an AI extraction machine for whatever ET needs. Land life is being swallowed up and will soon be gone if New World Order (NWO) continues and we are at critical point with 5g rollout.  NWO is well documented in Revelation movie. Military sonar may end navigational abilities of fish too, as it is doing to whales.
5g will simply change the ancient frequency of the land, and reproduction of plants and animals will be disrupted.  That is the present number one threat IMO. I do feel 5g is meant to end biology on land anyway.  ET knows that the many nuclear reactors will never be shut down safely. The AI machine has to be built before the system implodes and kills life.
So-called patriots put Thomas Jefferson on a pedestal. There really is a “white male privilege” paradigm which some democrats point out, and I see that in the movie, and it stinks. Their sense of freedom is at the expense of environment and minorities and shows up in their views.  
They want to be free (to dominate.)  Freedom!!!!
Here is my overall view on present patriotic sovereignty….  
The conquering tribe of white people that settled and replaced Native American nations have a sense of sovereignty which no minority can share. 
Right there is a schizophrenia.   So who is opposing tyranny? 
It is almost as if NWO is a common enemy that is uniting minorities.  Does anyone else see the irony in that?  Yet no one is abandoning the tech, so that is why I’ve said from get go, that Trump will just deliver a more sleek NWO.  As long as people believe in “progress”, the alien agenda will not be challenged.  But anyway, Trump won’t end Roth-trails or chem-schilds.
Seriously, white Christian redneck patriots may be the last tribe challenging NWO.    Certainly they are the only group in world now armed and prepping …. (All these false flag shootings are to take down 2nd Amendment.  A wrench in machinery of NWO.)   Rednecks are an endangered species!
In Revelation: Dawn of Global Government  it said that the separation of church and state is not in Constitution, that it was just in one letter that Jefferson wrote.  However I found this https://www.thoughtco.com/separation-of-church-and-state-myth-249688
How do we explain that Islam is protected but Christianity is not?  
Mohammed explained that bowing several times a day will be needed in “the last days.” Koran is monotheistic. Koran is submission. Koran is channeled. Koran is ET.  Tech is ET.  Islam is being spread to help people submit to ET tech NWO.
So why is Islam promoted and not Jesus? I say, because Islam, like Judaism was channeled from ET, and Jesus wasn’t part of that program. 
ET Sanskrit and Brahmanism were channeled too, and Buddha would have none of it.
Buddha and Jesus were deprogrammers. 
Friends, deprogram yourselves!  
When the mind gets quiet, the mind expands. Not with what we think, but with what we are able to hear.
This was my link to movie, free until Nov 4, you may yourselves need to register  Go To FREE Screening

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