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Canada Controlled by Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum

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Klaus Schwab brags of controlling half of Trudeau’s cabinet-
“What we are really proud of now, is the young generation. Like Prime Minister Trudeau, the President of Argentina, and so on. So we penetrate the cabinets. So yesterday, I was at a reception for Prime Minster Trudeau, and I know that half of this cabinet, or even more than half of this cabinet, are actually Young Global Leaders of the world. [His NWO school- link bottom] “
Canadian Parliament was just questioned about World Economic Forum control of Canadian cabinet… (above video)
Questioner is instantly cut off , like an automatic response, meaning they knew it was true and terrified, it should not be discussed.
Another tool chimes in and says that the question was “disinformation” but is based on Klaus’s own words (video above)
1 minute – Must see
Schwab brags of controlling all elements of global society listing segments…. 50 seconds
Schwab introduces loyal Trudeau at 2016 WEF meeting
3 minutes
Schwabs WEF School for young global leaders
Get acquainted with the tyranny of The Great Reset, the elite’s plan for YOUR future.
Schwab announces plan for chipping everyone
start at minute 2:30
Lineage of NWO – Schwab trained by Kissinger who was trained by Rockefeller

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