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Book Review: Self-Made Woman by Denise Chanterelle DuBois

By September 30, 2017 Archives

Someone was looking for a place to rent on Kauai and left this message on a property manager’s inquiry form in Hawaii.  I told the manager to send him my book.

“Aloha: I used to live in your hood. I’m just looking for a place to stay a month to get out of Portland for a bit and my dates are super-flexible. I’m a published author and need a break from my book tour. Hope you can assist. Looking for best deal, nothing fancy, as mu budget is tight. I wrote my entire memoir on the north shore, “Self-Made Woman,” which is now blowing up nationally. Hit me on FB to see or my website: selfmadewomanbook.com Mahalo, Denise Chanterelle DuBois ”

I went to website and he is a transgender and my age.

His FB page linked to this…

“So what happened to make this paradigm shift occur now? The legalization of gay marriage became the defining issue of our times, [Not assassination of JFK, not Gulf of Tonkin false flag attack, not 9/11 ] bringing about a new civil rights movement [where whim equals race] in this country that was encouraged and supported, albeit slowly at first, by an open-minded, positive administration [Obama is gay, Michelle a tranny, but not studying truth movements he wouldn’t know that] saying it was okay to be transgender, out, and we’re all deserving of equal civil rights. And gradually, the American people themselves came around for us on that way of thinking, as their attitudes on those who are transgender began to shift in support of.”

39 second video, just click on image, She was murdered 6 weeks later.

So I sent him this link


If he ever reads this,  this next link will help him further understand how “the paradigm shift” occurred… 


Then he can write a new book.  He can’t give away the plot in the description because so many people are married to denial. He has to bring them along slowly on his journey of re-discovery as a truther.

Here is another link that might help… 


He might even start to understand that transgender is one step away from transhumanism, which was the purpose of step by step, feminism, gay, trans, and enhancement programs, all with one enemy, the clear individual with clear sexual polarity and primal loyalty to family. Destabilizing the family had been a key goal for a century.


More on Joan Rivers “accidental” death and why….

Melissa Rivers ‘Outraged’! Death Investigation Finds Multiple failings…  The Dept. of Health has found that there were multiple failings during Joan Rivers’ procedure that became fatal.

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  • Bob says:

    What a cruel and insensitive post. Denise’s book looks awesome! She seems really great. You must be jealous and that’s why you made this nasty post. And wtf does Joan Rivers have to do with anything?

    • raysongtree says:

      You sound illiterate. There is nothing cruel in any of my words. Joan Rivers was killed for outing Michelle Obama as a tranny, but I see you can’t follow a line of thought. This post is about Dennis’ very naive political view. What is more important, changing your gender or stopping crime? Please read the post Who Controls the Gay Agenda. Until you understand social engineering you won’t understand yourself I communicated with Dennis. He was only about me, me, me. That sells, for some people.

  • Verdi Lowe says:

    Precision lazer sharp explanation Ray Songtree.
    Why can’t the bigoted gay agenda to transform the world leads to the death of humanity?
    Their fascist gay strategies, driven often by sucker Taxpayers funding endless charities & cliques of LGBTQi clans, eg Stonewall, targets innocent White Christian small business owners , bakers, guest house proprietors, printers et al.
    Target is to humiliate our 2000+ Yrs old Christian ethics, & embrace the yukkydom of narrow minded scheming bigots.
    Love your site & sentiments Ray Songtree, bless you & yours.
    From Yorkshire England…currently buried under millions of unwanted pernicious mass immigrants, who have no intention to assimilate, never have had…therefore they are Invaders.
    They need to be repelled & returned to their ancestral homelands pronto.
    Were swamped, Europe is swamped, as is America…by unwanted Gimmeegrants, all aided by loony Marxist LGBTQi creeps, who are really turkeys voting for Christmas…aching to be thrown off the nearest roofs as the Kaliphate takes hold .
    Unless the global fight back against Stone Age Invaders & their Twee Middle class Quisling Traitor helpers is crushed.

    • raysongtree says:

      I agree with you and a return to local stewardship, sovereignty and control is needed. However I dont’ judge stone age like you.
      Stone age worked, didn’t destroy world, we were happy with it for many thousands of years, and then in last few hundred years we
      “improved” and millions of other species are at risk. I am not a human supremacist.

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