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Another Independent Doctor, Dr. Silvio Najt, Dies Mysteriously, Now 60 Deaths in 18 Months

Famous Holistic Cardiologist Dies “Unexpectedly” of Heart Failure

(Note from Erin: We are sorry to announce the death of a great MD who was loved and respected by many. Here’s the full list and photos of well over 60 doctors (mostly holistic) who have died mysteriously in the last year and a half.)

Dr Silvio Najt’s official Facebook page says that the board certified cardiologist died “unexpectedly” of heart failure.

His work was extraordinary and many of his colleagues (and mine) are mourning his loss tonight. I have a source who said Dr Najt knew Dr Wakefield (maker of the film VAXXED). I haven’t had a chance to get a comment from Dr Wakefield yet but Dr Najt did indeed like Dr Wakefield’s videos, as evidenced by his youtube channel (see all links below of his clinic and his work).

Dr Najt’s clinic was in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but people came from all over to see the healer who was far more than a heart doctor.

He also spoke out against vaccines. Here is a transcription one of our Spanish speaking readers did of the video below and what he had to say:

Transcription: “We still do not know if [vaccines] work. They never compared a vaccinated population with a non-vaccinated population. There is not a single paper of those … And one says, well … If I’m going to make an intervention I want to [compare] to see what happens If I do not do anything, right? And at least give me 10,000 individuals, you do not give me 4. In 2011 an autistic child every 88 births, a 78% increase since 2005. There was a guy, a certain Andrew Wakefield, who is one of the most refined, most lucid gastro-enterologists England had. [I say] had because he reported 12 cases of MMR vaccine autism. I know him, he’s an absolutely decent guy. He left England, and went to live in Austin, Texas, and they took away all their medical privileges, and they sued him, and a whole page of the La Nation (newspaper) appeared four years later here in Argentina, speaking of “the degenerate of Andrew Wakefield!” … Andrew Wakefield, reported 12 cases, innocently, of vaccination with MMR, and its succession with ulcerative colitis and autism, and was published in the Lancet. The Lancet magazine, which has 150 years or more in existence, it was the the first time in 150 years that they says, ‘Do you give me the number of the magazine?’ They called all the libraries in the world, asked them to send back that number, and reprinted that number, but it was gone, that article was gone. See the madness. Why? because it was against Glaxo Smith Kline interest. Who owns Lancet? Who owns most of the medical journals? The laboratories. They bought the magazines, so… What is published? ‘I’m [big-pharma] publishing here what I want … not what the medical community wants, and if not, it is not published.’ Since 1990, the number of vaccines received by children has tripled. Raised from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 50. Dozens of scientific studies show that vaccination and autism are related. ” — Dr. Silvio Najt, cardiologist”

The video:

Here is another video where he talks about his work:

(I linked his clinic’s website at the bottom of the page, along with sources.)

This is what his Facebook page had to say:

“Dr. Silvio Najt, the founder of Newbery Medicine and a recognized leader in the development of FMT protocols, unexpectedly died last week from heart failure. We, his colleagues at Newbery Medical, are enormously saddened by his passing. We have lost a great friend and highly respected colleague. All of us will miss him enormously.”

There are countless videos of his patients who had illnesses from Multiple Sclerosis to Crohn’s (in English and in Spanish) who talk about how they finally got better under his care.

Some called him a miracle worker. More from his site:

“Our team of medical professionals at Newbery Medicine — specialists in FMT, bacteriology, and infectious disease control — are continuing to provide the pioneering FMT treatment protocols that we developed working alongside Dr. Najt. We have found these treatments to be tremendously successful and we are dedicating our decades of expertise to continue working with our patients to improve the quality of their lives.

From Marcelo Alvarez, Co-Director, on behalf of our entire staff of specialists.”

Here is a TV Show Dr Najt was on for those who speak Spanish. He also appeared in many English-speaking interviews and videos as well.

Our heart goes out to his famiy and friends. We will update you as we learn more.

Dr. Najt’s clinic: http://newberymedicine.com/

Dr Najt’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/newberyclinic/

Dr Najt’s Youtube channel.


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