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A Revisionist’s Idea of Islam


I’m editing the talk we had.  The focus of camera is okay considering we aren’t young and beautiful any more. I forgot that the automatic focus would go for center of frame.

We did not get to the meat, monotheism.  The whole thing was like an opening statement. We didn’t really challenge each other. I don’t want to release it until we have a cover of your book to put on it.  I think it is socially valuable, but not so much spiritually deep.

I think we should call it part 1, and I want to include some other clips because, K, there is something that appears to me to be “liberal” about your interpretation of Islam.  The first 100 years was Solid War, except for traders along the sea.  Mohammad was at war his entire career and it was a military career.  I think there were 63 battles in his life. His religion had a military regimen. Obey or we will all die. The crusades were a response to a long history of attacks by Muslims in France, and all along Mediterranean. Water is attractive.  I also want you to please read this history of Iraq, to understand how WRONG “civilization” has been….

I’ve read Muhammad’s biography, one approved by Muslim association, I read it in 70’s.  The Muslim guy in Berkeley who recommended it had the same crazy evangelistic emotional extremism as some people I met in Pakistan in 70’s.  The true believer mentality.  Anyway, Mohammad foiled attackers by digging Persian trenches, almost like moats, around his camps, too wide for a horse to jump. We can say that defensive war was mandatory, but his first action when he was outcast was to hijack a caravan. One can say, again, mandatory to survive.  But we can be apologists for anything. Repeat on that!

My understanding is that a group of entities used him and were pretty upset at the direction he went with sex, even in his older years, our age now, playing with slaves while having four wives who expected rotation of affection/lust.  In his case, lust. Sorry but that is the score. These entities actually were ready to give up.  Between the Catholic hijack of Christ (turning his life into a bloody image on a cross who died for your sins, you sinner!) and the spin which Mohammad brought, they were depressed. I’d also like to share that the exact same entities with the exact same formulae of mind control brought about the Book of Mormon. Mohammad/Joseph Smith, same program. Who knows, maybe even Smith is incarnation thread of Mohammad. But identical mind control. K, scripture is mind control.  I suggest you walk away from orthodoxy entirely. 

My books will not be popular with sheeple because they don’t offer mind control.  I offer no followship, no agreement, no safety.

In general, this group of “angels” wants to guide and “civilize” humans as a project, and are part of globalization.  No human needs a world religion, but they do.  Humans have their own spirituality and for me, Eurasia, from England to Japan, is a lost cause.  They will get centuries of chaos to scrub them clean.  Imagine that a whole civilization polished their rice of the nutrition so it could look white, APPEAR white, so they could be further from earth and closer to heaven, and now, to this day, Asian women avoid the sun and bleach their skin so they can look like the elite who never have to work!  Wow, and Chinese think they are superior! Well of course, they eat white rice and don’t go in the sun!

The southern hemisphere and the Americas had much opportunity for human existence, mostly without empire.  The smaller the tribe, the more creativity can flourish is my view.  The human species spread because adventurers left the cities. The cities is where corruption flourishes, and the bush is where pure existence flourishes.

I think your ‘spiritual courtesy’ is also inward to be courteous to yourself.  It is too safe K.  I’m not sure you are willing to really look at the contradictions in the Koran. I think Watson is not misinformation, because there are Muslim scholars that agree with him and have left Islam. How do you explain that?

The liberal leaning would be something you would describe different than myself, and that would be meat for conversation also.

For the record, though you say that Islam prohibits coercion, that is simply not how the sword was used.  It is like quoting some gentle phrase in Bible while the conquistadors butchered the Toltecs to bring them God.  The reason Islam came into Hindustan was through the butchery we have discussed before. 

I also want you to know, that when I was in Jakarta, a woman told me that in their view, Islam came to Mideast centuries ago, because those people are so crude and violent. That was her view anyway.  Obviously, the black and white mind of a desert culture would be different from an area where there is fruit year round.  For tropical people, desert people are fricking anal. 🙂

I don’t blame Islam for being a force of destabilization/consolidation, I blame the insanity of monotheism, and the blue print is in Genesis. 

In Buddhism which is opposite of monotheistic, the “true” school, the Hinayana went one way, and the liberal school, the Mahayana, went another.  Of course, liberals think they are greater and more inclusive, so the Mahayana schools think their teachings is the “greater vehicle,” the one that can carry all.  Sound familiar? 🙂  See, they are the blue states!

This is predictable.  As we discussed relative and absolute truth, the seeker is going to lean.  You might not know that Buddha was called Sakyamuni, silent one of the the Sakya tribe.  For 40 years he would remain silent when asked stupid questions, and never explain anything, giving no world view, and no metaphysical conjecture. He focused on one thing, the mechanism of purification.

Anyway, the conversation we recorded is pleasant. I cut out the question about India/Pakistan as you hadn’t studied that, and I was very informed about this question by a recent book I read, which I would like to give to you before you go. Perhaps mid day or early afternoon, you will be somewhere where I can hand it off.

I disagree with you that there is anything primordial in any monotheistic religion. Monotheism includes the mind controlled faiths from the social engineers who come here as astral projections from people on these very ancient mother ships, who have lived artificial lives for eons.  That is where these “angels” come from. Of course, they glorify themselves as know it all angels, and would never admit that the beginning of everything is right now and there is no advancing from right now. No, they are angels, pure, better, and need titles.

They never come here in physical form.  They don’t use their bodies once they are adults. These mother ships feed off planets, but are afraid to incarnate on one and get “lost”.  I was one of these social engineers but have gone native.

I think the ET artificial existence that worships vain immortality is actually the root of evil. 

And I have Morya, who is behind the Lucis Trust at UN,  who I face to face met in early 80’s, as example.

I know this guy’s vanity.  He and I really did not get along! He used Blavatsky and was using her next incarnation, the woman who channeled him in Washington State.  I may have shared this with you already.  I told another young man there, “He is attached to authority.”  I left. The young man left too. 

And I know Morya would have heard of my opinion, and he can chew on it until I meet him again and kick his butt, and he knows that is coming too.

In many ways, my life’s work will start after I drop this body 🙂





In my opinion and experience, we can never get perspective from inside a circle of believers.

If you travel to a foreign country, you can ask ex-patriots what is going on. They will know, while the locals will not be able to talk about any dark sides.

An example… If you hang out with insiders at UN, they will neither know the history of the UN nor its true purpose because they have never suspected the double speak was false. [Roth-efellers created League of Nations nad UN, which means Homogenized Nations] AND, they are employees! To ask too many questions risks their job.

In any organization, ask the mission of organization and you will get their advertised aspirations, not what happens. Private investigators will expose what a believer is incapable of seeing.

I do not think you can refute this website’s research below, and it is important, in my opinion, to feel honest rather than heart full and high and illumined and comfortable and positive and all the other feelings one might seek, including intellectual conclusion. None of those have integrity without honesty.

It is possible you are applauded by people who like to be spiritually entertained. As is Dalai Lama. As is Deepak Chopra. The spiritual warriors who demand justice are not considered nice. They rock the boat. They rock corruption. They rock everyone who goes along with the status quo. The base of the pyramid needs spiritual distraction, so they won’t look at who is holding up the top of the pyramid, themselves.  If the establishment holds somthing up, it is false. Being invited to be on THEIR stage, then, is not a compliment.

We agreed at end of our talk, the real terrorism is much worse than we are told.

For your information, in Buddhism there is no dogma or belief system to challenge. The only thing to achieve is a questioning mind. Clarity is continual alertness, meaning being in a state of questioning, not a state of having an answer, never at peace. Buddha did not teach peace. He taught clarity. So as a de-programmer of your own self, how does this research below change the equation?   From outside the bubble we can see the shape of the bubble, but inside any bubble, we think we see the world…

When you have time I need a detailed response please….



Below 5 minute history of hundreds of battles of Jihad within Europe.

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  • Akka says:

    Great video! He makes a few undeniable points.

    “scripture is mind control” (I thought about it)
    Every discipline is a matter of control.

    Complete liberty or freedom is what wild animals have.
    We are so advanced-creative (twisted) etc. we need codes of law.
    Oversight by elders with sharp moral senses.

    In pristine societies where the goodness was ingrained in the young
    the unwritten rule of respect sufficed.

    I agree with the woman in Jakarta, direct Revelation always came to the most spiritually destitute.

    I looked up Hinayana.. It’s seems a valid approach to spiritual happiness.
    A bit of focus on finding the right spot individually. I see the appeal.

    Got to give it to Trump, he’s giving up his comfort for something else.
    It’s gonna be huge. Not sure if we’re all gonna love it.
    But the winds of change are undeniably shifting quick!!


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