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A Realist’s Review of Movie, Rooted in Peace, by Greg Reitman

On 10/24/2017 at 5:07 AM, “M wrote:

review of movie Rooted in Peace 


By chance have you seen this documentary or read trusted review of it? 

Ray Songtree responded:

Why would you call this a documentary?
What would be a trusted review?  Please send one.

I won’t see it after seeing the trailer. (embedded far bottom)

It is a high budget propaganda film featuring global assets Beatles and Donovan, Deepak Chopra who supported Obama and Hillary wars, and owner of CNN, Ted Turner, a card carrying globalist who loved David Rockefeller, married to CIA Hollywood Illuminati asset Jane Fonda, who among other people, compromised Tom Hayden. 

Are you kidding me?

So  “since the beginning of time we have been at war with ourselves and the environment” and now the peacenik globalists will solve it with a one world consciousness.  They have co-opted the word roots and transformed it to “intelligent design.”

Yea, I see it clearly.  I love that CNN Ted Turner was in trailer.

“Peace is a state of existence and we certainly can get there.”  – CNN Ted Turner in Trailer

Here are some more quotes from CNN Ted Turner. They are consistently horrific.

Are you still buying the utopia pill?  Who are the wars against?

Answer… anyone independent. Does the film mention that?

The wars are necessary to bring about mono-culture, and then we will have “peace.” I’m getting heart throbs and teary eyes.

Marx said religion is opiate of masses. He was right on that, in my opinion.  He was also funded by Rothschild, which few know about.

“Peace” is a religion. An opiate. An escape from reality. Peace does not exist in the real multi-verse of movement. There is no peace anywhere at any time and never will be. There is just movement, friction, and change. Reality is a good witness. One has to get outdoors perhaps to see it and not live in one’s own head.

“Peace is a state of existence and we certainly can get there.”  – CNN Ted Turner in Trailer

Please don’t argue with me, because these are not my opinions. Look around. Do you see anything that is not changing?  Doesn’t all change involve friction and resistance to change?  Isn’t that universal?  Don’t react, ask the questions yourself.

Please send a trusted review.  That would be one that questions the premise of video.


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