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June 2018

Review of Video – Q Anon: The Plan To Save The World – Stillness in the Storm

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I already sent to all my friends the awful Time mag cover that is on newsstand’s now.  Here it is again Let’s say Trump is a big egoist, and if that is true, will he let this go or get pissed and motivated to stop the fake news?    Now, about this video (link) about the plan to save world… Is Qanon actually hope porn or not?  We are told that there are sealed indictments ready to arrest the elite.  Fools like fabricator Ben Fulford (sorry believers) say there are 35,000 sealed indictments, but I sent you all the breakdown of what is and is not an indictment,    (Here is is again  https://www.dailydot.com/layer8/sealed-indictments-qanon-conspiracy/  )   and the count does not mean there are thousands or even hundreds or even one of the deep state criminals in those 35,000.     The latest is that we are told by Q supporters that Trump (or good guys) are waiting for October 2018 election to start arrests. The message of video is counting on this.   Okay, great!  Wonderful!  May it be done in a way that is a great awakening. Great! Awesome! Hurray!   However, what if nothing happens?   Then, can we all agree that this Q was a psy-op to distract truthers?  How long will you wait?  Some people will wait years.  Some people will wait the rest of their lives. Hope porn.   Well, we will see, and meanwhile, be prudent, stock up on everything,and get out of the cities, because no…

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