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February 2017

Hello Video Forgery, Good Bye Security Cameras

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Since software can now create a digital video or audio experience that is undetectable by eye or ear from a real event,  security cameras are quickly going to be obsolete because they cannot be used as evidence. Very soon, we can expect video footage of an alleged crime presented in court, and the attorney of the accused will document the existing tech to create any image, and the court will have to listen. Next, any video of a legal agreement could be suspect.  Digital experts will argue before the judge. The tech will keep improving and getting more undetectable. Recently a filmed interview with world famous journalist, Julian Assange, was fabricated digitally to make it appear he was interviewed in person by Fox News. The fact that the footage is a forgery means he certainly was not available in person, and that Fox anchor Sean Hannity is an accessory to a lie.  A lie to cover up what? Grimly, no proof of life and an intentional forgery points to foul play. Will image and audio creating software become widespread. Why not? Then, what does widespread digital forgery imply? Well, bye bye security cameras.  Bye bye News also.  There will be no proof other than anecdotal testimony, that anything was even witnessed.  And then, goodbye justice system. Once the video creating tech becomes wide spread, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be associated with a deceiving matrix, not convenience. The only other choice will be to simply believe anything we are told or…

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Perfectly Legal Iran Missile Test Is Again Spun By Warmongers and Fake News

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Iran conducted a legal missile test, in no way aggressive, according to EU spokesperson. TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A European Union foreign affairs spokeswoman said Iran’s recent missile test was not a violation of the 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers. Nabila Massrali, the spokeswoman for EU Foreign Policy Chief, Federica Mogherini, told reporters in Brussels on Tuesday that “the Iranian ballistic-missile program was not part” of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). “Hence the tests are not a violation of it,” she added, as cited by Bloomberg. International Business Times spins title of article Is Iran Planning War? as example of how the perfectly acceptable test is spun in western media, but goes on to say the following. For people skimming headlines, what impression did they get? “Iran recently test-fired a missile, Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan confirmed, according to a Wednesday report by local Tasnim News Agency. [link is mine, not original]; The confirmation came after U.S. officials said Sunday that Tehran launched a medium-range missile — the first since President Donald Trump took office. “The recent test was in line with our plans and we will not allow foreigners to interfere in our defense affairs,” Dehghan said,  [links to Reuters article that only quotes “US officials”, who are hawk spinsters needing excuses for a larger military budget.] adding that the test did not breach its nuclear program deal or the United Nations Security Council’s resolution.” [This is correct. They did nothing that any sovereign country in world…

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