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January 2016

Megan Smith of White House – No Opt Out for Technocratic Curriculum

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WHITE HOUSE BULLETIN FROM MEGAN SMITH, OPT OUT IS A PROBLEM? WITH MY COMMENTS IN CAPS – RAY SONGTREE From: “Megan Smith, The White House” <info@mail.whitehouse.gov> Sent: Sunday, January 31, 2016 10:37:32 AM Subject: Computer Science For All Growing up in Buffalo, New York, I was lucky to have teachers in my local public school who found creative and exciting ways to introduce me to all of the STEM (science, tech, engineering and math) disciplines. [SHE LINKS “CREATIVE AND EXCITING” WITH CONFORMING TO MACHINES] Hands-on experiences [WITH SOFTWARE] with innovative technology built my confidence and skills for the future [IN AN INDUSTRIAL TECHNOCRATIC SOCIETY WHICH STRIVES TO MANAGE AND MANIPULATE THE NATURAL, REMOTELY] and helped me understand that STEM, especially computer science, could be used to make the world a better place. [HOW WOULD MORE MACHINES MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE? WOULD RECEIVING AN RFID CHIP MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE?] And now, we [WHO IS WE?] have the chance to work together [TO OBEY THE SYSTEM]  to expand that hands-on learning experience [OF SOFTWARE] to all [NO OPT OUT] children across America, with President Obama’s [OBAMA INITIATES NOTHING. HE READS A SCRIPT EVERY SINGLE DAY] new Computer Science for All (#CSforAll) initiative. The President’s bold new proposal  [BOLD?] will empower  [ WEAKEN] students from kindergarten  [ NO CHANCE AT FINGER PAINTING, THEY WILL LEARN TO LITERALLY BE AN INTERFACE WITH SOFTWARE] through high school to learn computer science, equipping them with the analytical skills [NO ANALYTICAL SKILLS…

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New Zealand, The Beautiful Land of Social Engineering and Chemtrails

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Kiwi bank has stopped offering choice, and now everyone gets a subliminal message that chemtrails are normal. Notice the very accurate depiction of the sprayed trail spreading out irregularly. “Its normal folks, only nuts would question the continual spraying of atmosphere!!!!” If the reader thinks chemtrails are a myth, why is Bill Gates funding it?  Here is my discovery that Paypal is helping with the chemtrail agenda. Many NWO agendas are tested first in NZ and Australia.   NZ is populated mostly by very controlled sheeple who take pride in helping the system oppress neighbors. This is the “proper” syndrome.  “Proper” is what the Barons decide is proper. New Zealand is a colony.  New Zealander’s resources and infrastructure are being sold off the the highest bidder. Government to ignore asset sales referendum | Stuff.co.nz www.stuff.co.nz/…/Government-to-ignore-asset-sales-referendum Mar 12, 2013 · … was the largest ever presented to the New Zealand … state owned assets ”for … every day New Zealanders are saying about asset sales, … New Zealand Maori Lose Bid to Delay State Asset Sales … www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2013-02-27/new–zealand-maori-lose… Feb 27, 2013 · New Zealand’s Maori Council, which represents indigenous groups, lost its bid to delay the partial sale of Mighty River Power Ltd., … And here is what New Zealand new currency looks like. It doesn’t look new at all does it? It looks like the same old worship the elite paradigm.   Watch this youtube below, to learn about Queen Elizabeth’s direct role in child abduction and pedophilia. Click on image below to…

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CNN Film “The Man In The Machine” Smears Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs, transformed by CNN to negative icon…  CNN placed this two hour film (with the commercials) as prime time weekend evening feature several nights in a row. They are attempting to bend the legacy and life of Apple Inc’s Steve Jobs. The purpose of film “The Man in the Machine”, as I had thought, was to tarnish Steve Jobs in the eyes of world, and to promote Bill Gates, with fake headline in movie, “Bill Gates gives 100 million to India,” which is a lie.  Gates gave India 47,000 cases of paralysis. Gates also invested in Monsanto which forced suicide of tens of thousands of Indian farmers because their seed would not re-germinate. These are called “terminator seeds.” Yet Gates is spun as a philanthropist in the movie. Jobs did in fact give money to charity, which the video could easily have covered, but intentionally painted picture of the opposite. Steve Jobs was quiet and NOT an egotist about his charity, as Gates is. Globalist minion Al Gore is shown in positive light in movie.  The globalists are painted positive, while Steve Jobs, a non-conformist, is painted negative.  The movie is therefore pro manmade global warming and pro Bill Gates Foundation, both globalist fronts for more control. Of course CNN covers up truth and spreads spin as CNN is wholly controlled also. The movie paints the bad guys as good, and Steve Jobs as an “asshole.” The movie says Jobs tried to deny he was father of a child….

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