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July 2015

A Buddhist New Age Agenda 21, Wrong Description of Love

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We don’t know if the following is an accurate translation. But let’s take it a face value without blaming anyone and see how wrong it is.  If you want to be a part of what survives and rejects the elite, it is important to reject the conclusions of this “advice” below. – Ray . http://www.filmsforaction.org/articles/falling-in-love-with-the-earth/ . Falling in Love with the Earth  . By Thich Nhat Hanh / newsroom.unfccc.int . We and the Earth are one The Earth is our mother, nourishing and protecting us in every moment–giving us air to breathe, fresh water to drink, food to eat and healing herbs to cure us when we are sick. Every breath we inhale contains our planet’s nitrogen, oxygen, water vapor and trace elements. When we breathe with mindfulness, we can experience our interbeing with the Earth’s delicate atmosphere, with all the plants, and even with the sun, whose light makes possible the miracle of photosynthesis. With every breath we can experience communion. With every breath we can savor the wonders of life. We need to change our way of thinking and seeing things. We need to realise that the Earth is not just our environment. The Earth is not something outside of us. Breathing with mindfulness and contemplating your body, you realise that you are the Earth. You realise that your consciousness is also the consciousness of the Earth. Look around you–what you see is not your environment, it is you. Great Mother Earth Whatever nationality or culture we belong…

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Photos – Chemtrail Pilot – April 2, 2015

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Inconvenient Facts Chemtrail Pilot Blows the Lid Off OPERATION INDIGO SKYFOLD April 2, 2015 eClinik Learning “Maybe my fellow pilots will read or hear about this, and decide to come forward as well.”   This article has been trolled persistently, we are beginning to understand why… http://myeclinik.com/what-chemtrails-are-doing-to-your-brain-are-shocking-neurosurgeon/ A Courageous Chemtrail Pilot Exposes the Global Geoengineering Program Finally, a military pilot steps forward and completely blows the lid off the unlawful and exceedingly destructive Global Chemtrail Program. What follows is a video which puts forth a true story about a courageous pilot who has broken ranks with his chemtrailing peers. In so doing he has risked his life and the life of his family. As you listen to this presentation, or read the text provided below, bear in mind that chemtrails are being sprayed 24/7 around the globe with terrible consequences. For those uninitiated in the ways of atmospheric engineering, chemtrails are but one geoengineering technique that is being systematically used by the U.S. Military.  The following link provides an excellent overview of the geoengineering/chemtrail phenomenon, as well as an exceptional photo-doc.  After all, only seeing is believing … for most people! The Truth about Chemtrails No matter what the stated reasons are given to those who fly the chemtrail jets, they are always told by their superiors that this ongoing and illegal atmosphere-altering program is being conducted in the interest of NATIONAL SECURITY. You’ll notice that NATIONAL SECURITY appears crooked because the whole intention behind geoengineering is as dangerously misguided as…

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Temporary Sterilization Chip a la Bill Gates – How temporary?

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From Activist Post “Interestingly, this news came right on the heels of New Zealand academic higher-ups seriously suggesting the temporary sterilization of all young teen girls – at least in New Zealand.” Bill Gates’ Temporary Sterilization Microchip In Beta Female Testing By End of Year “Her-RA for the Brave New World!” By Heather Callaghan  July 2, 2015 Earlier this week, I wrote about a deal reached that would soon be pumping out medical microchip implants. Meet the new face of medicine that polygamously marries Big Pharma, biotech, nanotech and wireless remote technology. Maybe hooking oneself into the Internet of Things will be an additional app, although this sounds like a passive form of medicine where someone else gets to call the shots, so to speak. The same developers who are bringing wireless remotely controlled microchip implants are actually focusing on their first flagship product: Gates Foundation-funded birth-control microchip implants. Wireless technology allows the remotely controlled chip to turn a woman’s ability to conceive off or on at will – temporary sterilization. Of course with remote technology funded by eugenics depopulation fanatics, the first questions should always be, “the ability to conceive by whose will?” This would be the complete antithesis of female empowerment or a “woman’s right to choose” – would it not? The encryption is alleged to be so safe, that cyberhackers cannot break entry – that means you too. The chip can be implanted into the hip, arms or beneath the back. Mum was the word during the…

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More Victimization of the Natural with Gay Marriage

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Time Magazine is New World Order all the way. So they liked this passive conservative article.  In this article the attitude is to roll over and die.  In other words, the article gives very poor advice. [  ] are mine.  -Ray Orthodox Christians Must Now Learn To Live as Exiles in Our Own Country http://time.com/3938050/orthodox-christians-must-now-learn-to-live-as-exiles-in-our-own-country/ June 26, 2015, Rod Dreher is a senior editor and blogger at The American Conservative. Rod Dreher@roddreher ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ No, the sky is not falling — not yet, anyway — but with the Supreme Court ruling constitutionalizing same-sex marriage, the ground under our feet has shifted tectonically.It is hard to overstate the significance of the Obergefell decision — and the seriousness of the challenges it presents to orthodox Christians and other social conservatives. Voting Republican and other failed culture war strategies are not going to save us now. Discerning the meaning of the present moment requires sobriety, precisely because its radicalism requires of conservatives a realistic sense of how weak our position is in post-Christian America. The alarm that the four dissenting justices sounded in their minority opinions is chilling. Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Antonin Scalia were particularly scathing in pointing out the philosophical and historical groundlessness of the majority’s opinion. Justice Scalia even called the decision “a threat to democracy,” and denounced it, shockingly, in the language of revolution. It is now clear that for this Court, extremism in the pursuit of the Sexual Revolution’s goals is no vice. True, the majority opinion…

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