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March 2015

On Personal Loss

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[brackets] below is mine – Ray From M. My daughter — This is very hard to discuss as I am still unable to process what has happened. I have no real answers. I have suspicions. Ever since I came out on the UFOs are real subject I have felt somewhat targeted. I wasn’t worried about it for sometime…because I am small potatoes. As time has passed and I became even more public about it and got involved with more high profile people like Clifford Stone, some pretty strange things have happened. I fought long and hard against the foreclosure and had 2 large law firms against me, using very underhanded tactics. When I finally threw in the towel and decided that the only thing we could do in the best interest of my family, was to give up and move where I felt there was opportunity, I was hopeful that things would get better for us. Then one week after we moved our Mom had a stroke and died. The docs think it was all the stress of the move. I agreed as it was very traumatic for us all. The move was very chaotic. Are these things factors? I have been very vocal about Wells Fargo being unconcerned about the harm they do. My daughter did struggle some with depression and NYC is just a stressful place. Although she loved it I did observe her health declining. The last couple of years she was having very bad digestive issues….

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How Power is Controlled- Dr. Sue Arrigo – Sex Slave Survivor Details How CIA Uses War Zones to Harvest Children and Supply Sex Throughout Our Government for Blackmail

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Secrets of the CIA’s Global Sex Slave Industry – Dr. Sue Arrigo Email?  Dr. Sue Arrigo,  June 15, 2007, [unclear] transcribed and edited by Gail Allen Source : http://www.gailallen.com/theo/Secrets-of-the-CIA-Global-Sex-Slave-Industry-by-Dr-Sue-Arrigo.html#form Thank you Gail Allen. As outlined in book Lipstick and War Crimes by Ray Songtree, the elite cannot stay elite without playing the corruption game which means one cannot be a member of the elite without being immoral. Our world is run by the most immoral of all people and that is why sickness is thriving. Illicit and satanic sex is the ticket into the club.  We cannot move ahead to a positive future without exposing and removing this corruption at the top. This is a very important exposé and as a warning, shocking. – Ray     Part I This is the story of how the CIA uses “war zones” to garner kids for the sex slave business. You may have heard how the two companies, DynCorp and Halliburton, were caught trafficking in women during the war in Yugoslavia. Some background on this topic can be found at Dyncorp and Halliburton Sex Slave Scandal Won’t Go Away Please see the Rep. Cynthia McKinney Grills Rumsfeld On Dyncorp Sex Rings video. In these cases, they were importing and trafficking in Russian and East bloc women as sex slaves. I want to talk about the children that are native to any war zone. The CIA did this across Africa, and anywhere they went as a standard part of their operations. The names…

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Frankfurt Anti-Austerity Protestors Name Central Bank

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 PLANNING FOR AN EXIT OF GREECE FROM THE EUROZONE. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-03-18/ecb-prepares-grexit-anticipates-95-loss-greek-debt   News about Frankfurt Riot bing.com/news Violent protests break out ahead of ECB inauguration Agence France-Presse on MSN.com · 12 hours ago Demonstrators at an anti-austerity rally ahead of the inauguration of the European Central Bank’s new headquarters turned violent Wednesday in … Scores injured in anti-austerity riots against ECB’s new HQ Yahoo News · 4 hours ago View gallery German riot police detain a photographer near the European Central Bank headquarters in Frankfurt, o … Frankfurt in flames: Anti-austerity protesters burn police cars and clash with riot cops at opening of European Central … Daily Mail · 12 hours ago Three police cars have been set alight and two officers injured as authorities confronted anti-austerity protesters trying … Stay up-to-date on this news topic Germany riot targets new ECB headquarters in Frankfurt www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-31938592 Mar 18, 2015 · Dozens of people have been hurt and some 350 people arrested as anti-austerity demonstrators clashed with police in the German city of Frankfurt. Thousands Of Protesters Clash With Riot Police Near New … The Huffington Post18 hours ago

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Why the Silence?

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Why the Silence? The article featured below is must read for anyone in health industry. So many truths in one article. Writer captures our culture by talking about Fukashima. She explains why centralization/compartmentalization won’t work. Things are worse than what we have been told on radiation. I have friend who told his daughter to leave Tokyo 3 years ago. She didn’t. In a bankrupt system keeping itself propped up with printed money, who will shut down 430+ reactors world wide, and how? A general wake up is needed, and a younger generation will learn bitterly how blind their parents were. We have to help them. We need to wake up before things get worse for future generations As I discuss in Chapter 6 of Lipstick and War Crimes: Volume One, our government has no problem with health dangers because these dangers are part of THEIR solution to over population. We have many sanctioned diseases in secret. Autism is one, absolutely connected to vaccines, as proven in the book and youtubes by Robert Kennedy Jr, book Let the Science Speak. Sanctioned diseases include moral diseases. Contraception for example, if it had any morality would be for married people only. The purpose of prophylactics is not birth control, but promiscuity because Big Brother doesn’t want chastity, restraint. or any other behavior that resembles moral strength.  However this kind of strength is what will be needed to clean up the industrial hazards we have created. The Lipstick part of our culture is to…

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The Jewish Thread in Satanism

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March 11, 2015 This little study guide is for people who are already familiar with the historical reality of the New World Order, it’s ties to the international Rothschild bankers, and the ties to Freemasonry. As everyone knows, the Rothschilds are not loyal to anything Jewish, they just use Jewish people like they use everything else. Here I am introducing Jacob Frank (1726-1791).  Frankism or Jabobinism, is what took over Freemasonry, which George Washington wrote about in 1789.  Jacob Frank, like satanist Alleister Crowley simply espoused decadence, and people get into this because the philosophy discounts any moral limits, which feeds the ego, which is a temptation we all have. With Frankism you see the “Do what thou wilt” satanist thread, what now is manifest as “anything goes” and “don’t judge” in New Age twerking culture. This was all helped along by Rothschild money. Remember, the Globlalists co-opt EVERYTHING. So here they found something anti-traditional to use, or perhaps Jacob Frank was a funded agent, just like Marx. Repeat, Marx was a Rothschild employee. The only reason we ever heard of Marx or Lennin or Mao or Hitler or Mussolini or FDR or Churchill or Gandhi, is they were all Rothschild placements.   As is, of course, the present PM of UK, NZ, Australia and the President of United States. All that is in Lipstick and War Crimes. Anyway, this is the Jewish or so called Jewish strand in the Illuminati cult. Some say the entities, or demons, that empower this…

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