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Zuckerberg Commands the Army Against Privacy



“Facebook Inc Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg laid out a vision on Thursday of his company serving as a bulwark against rising isolationism [like Brexit and Trump and any truly democratic desire to opt out], writing in a letter to users that the company’s platform could be the “social infrastructure” for the globe.”

The question of why such a reaction to globalism even occurred is never brought to examination.  The arrogance of Zucker and other globalists is they are never wrong, as they represent the god Progress, and everyone else must be wrong.

Everyone else are now called the “isolationists.”   This rhymes with terrorists by the way.

They just announced that they will leave NOTHING isolated, nothing private.  We knew that, but interesting their new smear word…  Isolationist.

So what is an isolationist?  Is that someone who minds their own business and wants to be left alone? 

Oh, how horrible!!!

Thank Progress, the rising isolationism will have a bulwark to overcome!  The privacy zuckers will save you from becoming an isolationist!

Now, who needs a  virtual social infrastructure?  Answer, the people who don’t have a real one.

So the unreal people will crush the real people. 

I’m not joking, that is their plan.


What can you do?  Well, you are not a victim!  Opt out! 

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