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Ukraine seems to be one nasty place. Year 740 – Khazar Kingdom creates Ashkenazi Jews.  1930’s –  Horrible starvation under Stalin. 1940’s -Horrible massacres of Jews in World War II. 2018 – Horrible conflict now… US pumped in 5 billion dollars to manufacture civil war there, another Arab Spring BS job.

Victoria Nuland Admits: US Has Invested $5 Billion “We have invested more than 5 billion dollars to help Ukraine to achieve these  …”


Brzezinski calls this area which created the Ashkenazi Jews (90% of Israelis) “the Heartland…”

Seems to have bad karma or something.

This title below is typically misleading… 

In fact, Rothschild agent Jacob Schiff’s Kuhn and Loeb Firm financed the Jewish Bolsheviks right out of Manhattan, assassinated the Czar and his family as promised by Rothschild a century earlier (that bad mean old Czar backed Lincoln against them) (Illuminati Rolling Stones sang about his murder in song “Sympathy for the Devil” – link lyrics).  Rothschild’s Anaconda Copper parter, William Randolph Hearst, takes over US press and backs false flag of USS Maine to justify Spanish-American war where 1/6th of Filipinos are killed.  In fact, Lenin was funded in Rothschild “neutral” money laundering country Switzerland,(Marx was Rothschild welfare recipient also) and then Rothschilds installed Stalin, as well as Churchill, FDR, Hitler, Gandhi, Smuts (S.Africa), Cecil Rhodes, and Mao. 

Communism, “the international worker,” is New World Order. Obama was a CIA communist. Also New World Order backed Simon Bolivar, “the great liberator” a century earlier.  He just happened to be a Freemason as were almost all “The Founding Fathers.”  “New Order of the Ages.”

The New World Order hid the Ukrainian genocide from world, just as it hid Mao’s forced starvation from world, just as it is hiding cancer phones, vaccines, chemtrails and 5G today.

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Almost all Israelis came from the Caspian Basin, not from Israelite blood.


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