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Understanding Liberal Bias

by Ray Songtree, March 27, 2016 Author of the non-profit Lipstick and War Crimes series.

Once upon a time, liberal meant kind. But now that has changed. Those that consider themselves liberal often claim a higher moral ground which is actually amoral, because words like right and wrong are banned as “hate speech.”

Common Core Curriculum teaches this amorality in schools now and Early Childhood Initiative by World Bank is taking this global. In the utopian world of “development”, only the one world government’s definition of “Universal Human Rights” is valid, and any other cultural preference is considered “unequal” and “not fair.”

Since parents might have their own unique ideas, the responsibility to teach ethics and values is increasingly taken from parents and taught instead at school. This includes sexual norms.  At school and in the media, “Tolerance” is the new god.  Tolerance means there can only be the one standard of what is tolerable.  Anyone with other ideas of what is tolerable or intolerable is called an “extremist.” According to Common Core Curriculum, defining any and all sexual behavior as normal is being tolerant. Therefore no deviant behavior exists because there is no definition of deviancy. This is the liberal bias. Tolerance ultimately means no definition of right and wrong.

Many liberals believe it is superior to have no standards that impinge on others. They think they themselves are superior and anyone who disagrees is backwards. That is, they have arrogance. This comes straight from the top by those behind one world government, called here “The Globalists.”

“It is likely that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will continue its commitment to global population control, and now, curriculum creation in the nation’s schools because they truly believe that they know better than anyone else how we all should live.” Anne Hendershott (Chapter 6 , Vol 2)

In a pluralistic urban setting where no one has stewardship, no one needs to protect territory, because all share an artificial environment. From this urban multi-cultural setting comes the idea that since everyone has the right to be different, no one can be wrong. Saying anyone is wrong is called “being judgmental” which is politically incorrect, because to have a delineation of wrong behavior is “being hateful.”

Therefore, the individual should not define right or wrong, has no territory to protect, and should simply obey. This starts in school, with a curriculum created by the Gates Foundation, that was never agreed upon by voters. (Remember Bill Gates was handed operating system for Microsoft, because his dad was good Rockefeller Globalist minion as a head of Planned Parenthood. Microsoft has always been a globalist front, and so is Common Core Curriculum.)

Other Globalist operations have been feminism (See Vol. 1), new age (See Vol. 2), homosexual (Vol. 2), and many more.  All these are designed to neutralize the will to resist, and to take away loyalty to a tradition.

What does Conservative mean?

On the other hand, conservative people think there is something to conserve. They are thus considered by liberals to be anti-progress because “progressive” means not sticking with traditional morality, but replacing traditions that spell out right and wrong with an open minded melting pot under the UN which will define what the rights are for 6000 cultures. The word progress is actually doublespeak for annihilation and rebuild.

The one world government is a Rothschild-Rockefeller fabrication starting with Congress of Vienna in 1815, League of Nations in 1920, and then UN in 1945. All these were attempts following catastrophic wars, which induced an orchestrated call for a re-structuring based on humanitarian shock. The manipulation goes like this…. Produce the war > manage the reaction > offer the “progressive modern” solution.  The new agreements were brokered by the very banksters that funded both sides of war for 200 years. The Treaty of Versailles was drafted by Allen Dulles who would go on to be first CIA Director to directly destabilize South Vietnam in the 1950’s. (See Vol. 1)

The purpose of war after war has been to destroy national sovereignty and replace it with one world government, one world economy, one world culture and one world psychology. Beneath all that is a psychic-spiritual war for turf, which is called by some demonic, and is real, not imaginary.

Today, youth from the back lands of Bolivia to Burma to China to Canada to Uganda to Siberia to aboriginal Australia all wear similar clothing, made in common factories. The newest re-invention of one world government is called “Sustainability 2030” based on false idea that CO2 causes climate change, when in fact, other planets are heating and ice samples from ancient ice show no relationship between CO2 and heating.

One world government needs one law and one psychology for all, so that everyone can be managed efficiently. Even men and women are to havmiley-cyrus-fake-penis-breasts-e the same psychology. This means no gender differentiation. Sex is no longer seen as reproduction. The new idea of sex is  strictly for pleasure, so college students now are often bi-sexual, without clear sexual polarity, and are therefore unable to be clear about anything else. Obama is bisexual, (study Wayne Madsen), and Hillary is lesbian according to Jennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, and Cathy O’Brien. Confusion is the new amoral norm. To right, Miley Cyrus, bare breasted with plastic penis on stage, Nov. 2015. She is literally a mind programmed puppet. To promote her role in destroying modesty, she was just given judge status on “The Voice.”  The behavior in right image will now be folded into acceptable and respectable.

cyrus-voice-seriesThe new normal.  Millions of girls idolized Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana.  Eventually, we can expect nudity and sex on stage.  Impossible? Look at these photos closely. Or, we  can make noise and denounce, but we would have to become politically incorrect .

Liberal Aggressive/Defensive Programming

The liberal knee jerk response to this history  is “that’s progress” and “don’t be judgmental.”

Anyone like Trump who has an idea of right and wrong, whether we agree or not with his idea, is the enemy of one world government/economy/culture/psychology. He actually has his own standards!!! For this reason he is being attacked by all sides of the established pyramid of corruption, while voters, sensing instinctively that he is an alternative, like him.

Please understand that the European Jewish rejection of the Jew named Jesus, is central to amorality. Liberals don’t like Christians because in the global melting pot, no one is permitted to have morals that might turn over the tables of the money changers, as Jesus did in Bible. Also, remember, most Jewish Banksters are not orthodox Jews, they are atheists. Atheists believe in “any thing goes” or amorality… no morals, try anything, no taboos. (Ray Songtree has Jewish blood and is not anti-semite.) Tel Aviv is now the gay capitol of world, but Orthodox Jews there are angry about it.

Using Factions to Destabilize

The purpose of importing millions of Syrian refugees is to spread the “progressive” melting pot. After this faction battles with that faction, everyone will be ready for peace under Big Brother. That is the plan. The New World Order created ISIS, falsely blamed Asad for gas attacks, and now is using the millions of sorrowfully devastated refugees as a humanitarian Trojan horse, to destabilize rich countries that are to be brought to their knees, step by step, so the entire world can get equal rations. This is the “fair” road of liberal “progress.” 

In a moral world, the rich countries should end the era of colonization, and become self-sufficient. That would be wise and moral.  The demonic side has another idea, which is everyone living under the heel of a “New World Order.”

Why Liberals attack Conservatives

births_unmarried women

Liberals attack conservatives because conservatives don’t think EVERYTHING is okay. “Anything goes” cannot guide young people to a sense of right and wrong. There is intentional false guidance in Common Core Curriculum. Spreading homosexual experimentation is the best way to mix up people for the rest of their lives. Being liberal then leads to confusion, as liberals cannot define what is evil since they believe no one has the right to make that call. If nothing is wrong, everything is permissible. The result, as intended, is that US now has almost 50% of children born without a committed father.

The attack on family values which affects all cultures, not just American or Christian, is led by the liberal “anything goes” mind programming, which is actually very unkind. Anything goes means that cruelty also is okay. It is okay to have collateral damage. It is okay in the minds of many soldiers to kill civilians. It is okay for women to torture men in Iraqi prisons. This is the new normal. iraq prison

The programming that nothing is taboo has been built into Hollywood social engineering all our lives. Walt Disney was placed and promoted starting with his first cartoon, Steamboat Wiley, in 1929. (in Vol. 2) The “nothing is taboo” social engineering manifests as… promiscuity, sassiness, and no gender differentiation. This leads as far as trans-humanism – enhanced “experience” through machines. We are not to be loyal to anything. We are to trust what Big Brother offers us, even implanted chips. (The language is in Obamacare, see Vol. 2)

The globalist “transformation” of our sense of normal is incremental. In the recent Disney film Zootopia, the hero is a female bunny rabbit cop who uses surveillance cameras to track the bad guy. The use of lethal force and omnipresent cameras by little petite women is taught as the new normal for young girls.

The goal of this psychological operation is to confuse the next generation so they will be weak unnatural women and weak unnatural men and offer little resistance to those pulling the levers of society. A confused self no longer knows what is worth protecting.

x-Nickelodeon-pyramid-all-seeing-eyeExample of social engineering lyrics are found in the Disney song, ‘Let it go’ from movie Frozen. “No right, no wrong, no rules for me. I’m free!.. That perfect girl is gone….” Perhaps millions of children sing this song. This song was promoted as “best song” at Grammy Awards for this reason. The Grammy Awards are typically a cult ritual celebration. The pyramid symbol used throughout entertainment industry often has an eye, the all seeing eye of one world government. All successful entertainers are required to do photo shoots, covering one eye. This is not speculation and is color illustrated in Lipstick and War Crimes non-profit book series. In photo to left is thunderbolt, referring to Biblical description: Luke 10:18: “And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.”

Since no one is perfect, “anything goes.”

One of the arguments of liberals is to take the words of Jesus out of context. “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”  Jesus was not saying all behavior should be tolerated. The liberal logic is that no one is perfect, therefore no one should condemn anyone for anything. This avoids any enforcement of standards, while claiming to be open minded and non-judgmental.  The moral high ground is no longer what is correct, it is no longer ground at all. The words of the theme song in recent Disney flick Zootopia are “Try everything!.” It is sung by Shakira, who helped promote Early Childhood Initiative by World Bank in South America. She claims to have 70 million Facebook fans. “Try Everything” means nothing is taboo. This is being drilled into the heads of young children with attractive, colorful, overpowering cartoons.

How to respond to liberal bias:

Liberals forget that Jesus overturned tables when confronting the money changers in temple. When challenged by a question like, “Have you ever sinned?” we can respond, “How do you define sinful behavior?”

Once the liberal defines this, we can ask, “Do you enable sinful behavior by being silent, or do you denounce it?”

Someone who has swallowed the globalist, liberal, socially engineered mantra however, will not be able to define sin, perversion, crime, wrong or evil.

They will stutter and be confused.

If they declare that one culture should not push itself over others, ask them how a culture can define itself without unique standards? Unique means not equal. If there is more than one culture, where are the boundaries? How is this enforced? The liberal will be paralyzed as the school system does not teach conscience nor discernment.

In fact we are not One. I am I and you are you. If we don’t have boundaries and differences, we won’t have identity either.  To be confused about something as basic as clear self is the goal of Common Core Curriculum and most New Age teachings. “No right or wrong, I’m free!”

Liberals also cannot define purity, modesty, chastity, or righteousness. The liberal is then exposed as an “anything goes” enabler of immorality by being unclear and confused and adhering to no rule. “Anything goes” is not a rule.

At this point you can ask the liberal if he would risk his or her life to save a child that fell in a river. You can then explain that conservatives are watching the bodies float down the river and want to bring a halt to the crime that comes when “anything goes.”

Beyond Confusion

Confusion is being spread as the new normal. To resist this, we must reclaim our right to teach our children a unique cultural ethic.

The melting pot is doomed anyway. Resource depletion will erode availability of cheap global products and cheap transportation. We will gradually become poorer, more local and self-sufficient. However we will no longer be slaves paying taxes and tribute every second.  We will return to normal human living. The cities will de-construct, because centralization is anti-nature. Nature supports diversity, not uniformity. We are each very unique, and cultures should be also.

Conservatives want to conserve something, such as their own clear sense of ethics. This is smeared as backwards by liberals who have already surrendered their coordinates to the anything is okay melting pot.

We must try to educate everyone we know to the global plot, to who the globalists are, and how they are stealing our children, our sexual norms, and our sons and daughters in unnecessary wars.


Family Values – Home Rule – Stop the Wars – The Politics of Culture and the Culture of Politics

The Lipstick and War Crimes non-profit book series

An inter-generational wake-up

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