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Trans Pacific Partnership – Ralph Nader Opinion – All Civil Laws in Jeapordy

By November 29, 2015 Archives
The only comment I can make for this article is that it mistakenly blames “corporations.”  All corporations are controlled by the central banks. The central banks are controlled by the Rothschild network out of Bank of Settlements in Basel, Switzerland.   There is a very small group at top that controls everyone else.  This network, which I call the Pyramid of Abuse is also called the New World Order, the Cabal, The Illuminati, the Banksters, or the Satanists.  None of these names are hyperbole.  -Ray Songtree

The Most Brazen Corporate Power Grab in American History


Posted on Nov 6, 2015  By Chris Hedges

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  • Doro Reeves says:

    Thank you!! I just did an online search on the TPP and this, by far, beats any other articles I’ve seen on this subject. Very informative, and terrifying. I will recommend it to anyone who thinks this so-called “trade deal” is a good idea.

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