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Selective Science – Selective Truth

Is science objective?  We are told so, but let’s be scientific and look at the evidence.

Before we even talk about global warming, it is important to understand that most science cannot be trusted.

Here are some articles explaining the situation.





In 2003, Yale researchers did a systematic review of 1,140 clinical trial studies and found that when research is industry-sponsored, it is “significantly more likely to reach conclusions that are favorable to the sponsor” than when it’s not funded by industry.

You can just skim these titles below to get the message….. Money now controls what we think we know. Basically the official story on almost any topic is the most well funded and the least trustworthy, so we have to dig and see what the whistle blowers are saying, for example, all the links I just offered. None of these journals or institutes or academies will expose this about themselves, nor will the government. The official story is NEVER correct, and I do mean 100%. This means everything we were taught in school is not really the whole story and is actually often the wrong story. From Pilgrims to Martin Luther King to Sandy Hook, we have been misled. Science, as you can see below, is not about evidence or truth, it is about getting the money.

Publish-or-perish: Peer review and the corruption of science …

Publish-or-perish: Peer review and the corruption of science … Everyone wants to publish in Nature, because it’s seen as a passport to promotion and funding.

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