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Schools Are Paid to Damage Their Students With Cell Towers

By August 12, 2017 Children

If autism, infertility and brain tumors were hereditary, why is their incidence skyrocketing?

Unfortunately, anyone who thinks wifi is harmless hasn’t read the fine print on their cell phone…. Apparently, so-called educators haven’t either….  But then, who has time to research the truth?  After all, the FCC, headed by Tom Wheeler, former telecom industry lobbyist, says it’s all safe.  Safe for whom?

“… laws and warnings are all very well but it’s pretty much certain that all restrictions on products that use microwave technology will err on the safe side; that is, the side that’s safe for industry, not the side of what’s safe for society.”

–  From Forbes article below.


Cell Phone Towers On School Grounds – articles.mercola.com

As school budgets shrink, some are getting money from an unlikely and controversial source: cell phone tower installations. Local schools and churches can make hundreds …


From Forbes, not exactly a conspiracy theory magazine…

List Fine Print Warnings on Cell Phones -Link

New smart phones come with FCC warnings that phones are NOT safe to use if held directly on the body.
 Select any of these names to see the warnings in the manuals.

Does the graph look like a hereditary cause to you?  The reason the CDC is not calling this an emergency is that sanctioned diseases are welcomed to 1) reduce population and 2) reduce strength of population to resist. Sick people are too pre-occupied to be pro-active. A great plague is upon us, un-reported and un-discussed. You can blow the whistle and educate your family. Do your children deserve a clean world?

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