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Reverse Prejudice is Just Push Back – Don’t Expect a Smiley Face

On 8/29/2017 at 9:28 AM, “M wrote:

I don’t know if prejudice is still ingrained in the South but I know the blacks there were polite and friendly to me there, unlike most blacks here in Chicagoland. There is a HUGE difference in how blacks behave in South vs in Chicago.  These people here never experienced slavery but have a huge chip on the shoulder attitude that the world owes them and the ugliness is taught from birth…  You can see it even in toddlers with their parents on public transportation.  It’s repulsive.


On Aug 29, 2017, at 2:49 PM,  Ray Songtree wrote:
You are observing that in South, Blacks are polite. They are scared shit-less there! They never escaped the south!


On 8/29/2017 at 10:13 AM, “M wrote:

No…they were not afraid.  Where did you see them afraid?

Ray Songtree wrote:

Sometimes M, the disconnect in your understanding surprises me…

If you think about it, smiling and being polite is what you do with your masters, if you are even allowed to look at their faces. Smiling is almost always deference. Monkeys smile. It is all about deference. We’ve been doing this for MILLIONS of years.

In a commercial world we call it the retail personality, which is hardly authentic.  It is polite. Very polite.

Indigenous tribes never are like this with strangers. Rather, they examine visitors closely. The Hawaiian’s killed Capt. Cook. They got it.  The Aztecs also, but too late. They should have slaughtered Cortez on the beach.

(Did you know that Cook annexed all of Austraila because it was “uninhabited”? )

Visitors ALWAYS want something, including visitors like “angels” who are ascended egos and ET.  Do you understand this? 

Tourists come to extract the quiet sweetness or the unique charm and leave it paved. What ascended egos want is to live off the energy of followers who buy their crap, such as heaven (eternal utopia of clone land) which doesn’t exist. (Listen to song at very end of this article)  Like “advanced civilizations” that are more advanced in being artificial.

Completely terrorized people, after hundreds of years are VERY polite.  Witness the Japanese.

You can’t be an angry black in the South. You will be removed.

Look what happened to Black Panthers, Malcolm X…

The Top 5 Assassinations Of Black Leaders | News One

That makes for very polite people.  In Chicago the people on the buses have it right. They live in an utterly racist society in which they will NEVER be treated as equals by a pyramid of abuse. They also are ashamed of themselves and hide it behind bravado.  They have nothing,  so their self esteem needs a front so they can face each minute.

They want to be repulsive.  In Hawaii  it is called stink eye, or we call it push back.  Remember Black women have been violated for centuries with no apology. History still denies it. What is there to be polite about?  I appreciate the push back. I’m white.

“Although Rosa Parks is remembered as the NAACP organizer who sparked the 1955 bus boycott and helped give birth to the Civil Rights Movement, she was an anti-rape activist long before the boycott. “Decades before radical feminists in the Women’s Movement urged rape survivors to ‘speak out,’ African American women’s public protests galvanized local, national and even international outrage and sparked larger campaigns for racial justice and human dignity,” says Dr. Danielle L. McGuire, author of At the Dark End of the Street: Black Women, Rape and Resistance (A New History of the Civil Rights Movement from Rosa Parks to the Rise of Black Power). ” -source Forbes

In other words, Rosa Parks was raped. Did our history books ever tell us this?

Only in our imaginations are there zero boundaries or universal politeness, expecting everyone else to appreciate our deference.

Imagination is very enjoyable, exactly because it doesn’t have to face reality !

Ray is corrected by a friend…

T wrote:

“Ray, I think you have it wrong about politeness. Blacks and whites have lived in harmony in the south for as long as I have been alive. Not saying that is predominate, and I can take you to some neighborhoods in Tampa and Miami where you will witness some rudeness. St Petersburg, just across the bay from Tampa, seems a different world in the black neighborhoods.
For example, the City desired to bring an old sailing ship as a museum, but the NAACP chapter strongly objected as it had been a slave ship. The NAACP chapter in St Petersburg fought to get the ship, claiming that part of their history, lest people forget. The result of the people in Tampa rejecting the ship was that neither city got it.
People of any race are more polite in the south. [Another friend also corrected me and said it is southern “graciousness”.]    I should know, as I have traveled to most major cities and 49 states. People in Memphis, predominantly black, are not rude. Blacks are the dominant culture in Memphis. I’ve been the only white in a few settings and people were polite. So I don’t discern blacks being polite from fear.
The only time I sensed fear was when 2 black youths about 16 got in my taxi and got an unexpected reaction, that I grabbed the muzzle of the shotgun one pointed at me. They both left very fast. Failed robbery attempt.
The people in that rough neighborhood were not afraid of whites, but were quite leery of strangers of their own race. So the notion that blacks in the south are still kowtowing to the massa- maybe some places, but in my extensive travels, I have not seen that.
People are also more friendly on the west coast than the east and regarding Chicago, the Midwest is full of cold and grouchy people. Pass the Mississippi westward and they become gradually more friendly. New Orleans, home of the slave market, is very laid back with almost no race friction. Go figure.”


Many people are surprised that other primates smile. Smiling can be about pleasure, but smiling is also a way of showing deference and we, as social creatures, have the behavior of smiling (showing deference) hard wired into our minds and bodies.  Being polite is how we survive. A dog will roll over to show submission. Humans smile.

How Did Fang-Flashing Evolve into Smiling?

How Did Fang-Flashing Evolve into Smiling?

Credit: sxc.hu

When a monkey bares its teeth, flattens its ears and tightens its throat muscles, it is cornered, afraid and bracing for a fight. When a human bares his teeth, flattens his ears and tightens his throat muscles, he is smiling. How did this odd evolutionary divergence happen?

Strange as it may seem, the friendly human smile probably evolved from that much more aggressive display of fangs, said Janice Porteous, a professor of philosophy at Vancouver Island University in Canada who studies the evolution of humor and laughter. The main evidence comes from “missing link” facial expressions made by primates that signify neither “you’re my enemy,” nor “you’re my friend.”

The fear expression — bared teeth, flattened ears, taut neck — “often happens in situations where an animal is trapped, or threatened but physically can’t escape,” Porteous said. However, in higher primates such as rhesus monkeys, “subordinate members of the group flash that bared-teeth expression to the dominant member when they are occupying a spot that the dominant wants to occupy. The expression seems to deflect the dominant’s aggression, so it’s a sign of submission, non-hostility or appeasement, resulting in the dominant leaving them alone.”

A facial expression that originally arose as a scare tactic turned into an admission of fear, thereby indicating non-hostility. The bared teeth said, “I recognize your superior status, so please go easy on me.”

Next, came fang-flashing between friends. “Scientists find that sometimes in higher primates [such as chimpanzees] the expression also gets flashed between equals,” Porteous told Life’s Little Mysteries. “A couple of equals will have been parted for a long time and then meet and flash it to each other and then embrace. So it moves from showing non-hostility to showing affection or affiliation. It becomes friendly.”

And thus, the smile was born. Scientists don’t know how long ago it emerged among the great apes. [Why Haven’t All Primates Evolved into Humans?]

Since then, the human smile has come to signify a huge range of meanings. Like those rhesus monkeys, people still grin out of fear or nervousness. Sometimes when children are in trouble and being reprimanded, they can’t stop smiling — more likely a sign of submission than one of insubordination, Porteous said. We also crack a smile in response to happiness and amusement. And our subtle psychological manipulations of one another have bred more insidious varieties of smiles, too. Case in point: the smirk.

“I don’t know that other animals can smirk,” Porteous said, “because they don’t have the complicated psychology behind that expression.”



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