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Ray Songtree Unplugs – Step by Step

Open letter,

This is response to my good friend Joey who asked why I have been silent with my email list.

My computer was down.

HOWEVER, I am going to unplug. I learned that I liked not being online.

Not only did the lack of a computer alter my pattern but I met a man who told me of his ability to hear drumming in the mountains here on Kauai.
Others know of this and the drumming is attributed to the Menehune people who were here before the Hawaiians. In Australia, where he had also been 14 times, I myself met local indigenous people who everyday see and hear things that we call paranormal. I realized that the Menehune are still here, but on an aspect ( I don’t want to use word frequency) that we don’t see. This man also said technology takes away our ability to see and hear. Author Carlos Castenada said same thing 40 years ago.

So I am going to shape shift my focus. I’m 65. When I was young I met a man who could materialize things and a woman who could dematerialize things. This was outside the box of my understanding of reality. In other words it is a multi-verse, not a universe.

But now I feel, that nothing in the box of our agreed upon reality is going to change the direction of destruction which western materialism is dedicated to, so I am going to take the remainder of my life and look outside the box. Our civilization is imposing its universe of values on a multiverse that was surviving for millions of years. It is being replaced by an alien chemistry, and we are the worker bees for the destruction.

I’m not going to send emails anymore or go to my Facebook page, where I had this feeling I was doing something significant by offering an alternative view to our poisonous leadership/lifestyle/civilization, because… what I have found with almost all my friends, but not Joey, is that almost 100% of people are so caught up in the mind set of this civilization that they defend it, even though the lifestyle and technology are poisonous to all other species and even though indigenous people are being destroyed and transformed into industrial indoorsian consumers with Cancer Phones, soon to be embedded chips. “Oh,technology is not the problem, it is the people who use it.” Wrong. There is no difference between the tech and the people who use it. Tech is created to be used for one thing. More speed and more control. Nature is slow and boring, so we monsters have to change nature to make it exciting. We do that with tech.

So I will stop trying to wake up the dead. After 10 years of outreach, over 300,000 people have found my website, with 3 million views now, but maybe 10 have bought an ebook and none a hard copy, and even most of you reading this have not bothered to read my book where I attempt to illustrate that the poisonous civilization is built upon an organized mind program of lies and tech, and that the devious secrecy is held in place by cult sex and murder of children and that without question, 100%, Judaism is at the heart of the Jesuits, the Central Banks, the CIA, Hollywood, and war. Roth-efellers created UN and global warming lie. Boom.

Jews started monotheism which is really centralization.

My writing did not go as far as transhumanism, which again, young people will defend because they think poison (aka tech) is cool and advanced. Um, its poison.

How many times do I have to point out the obvious that ALL tech is based on malleable metals that depend on mining which always pollutes. All tech is also based on mathematics which is a fake division of nature into components. Mathematics is based on symbols which are graven images.

Most indigenous cultures had no written language or a desire to divide and conquer through mathematics. Graven images and symbols are not the mark of progress, they are the mark of poison. The pre literate cultures could see, and we can’t. All we can see is our graven images stamped upon everything.

The domination of nature as alien presence is proven by the pyramids at Giza which were not built by hand, and used sophisticated mathematics. Then came centralization through Moses, who CHANNELED a lie called the Old Testament which starts with the big lie, “In the beginning was the word.” Um, what language was that word a part of and who spoke that language to whom?

And, um, wasn’t there an ear first so that there was a way to hear the word?

So, um, where did the ear come from?

Um, so, there is no beginning Mr. monster channeled entity, is there? The head set of the Bible is a mind program of enslavement under a fake contrived arrogant and terroristic “godhead.”

Which leads to another thing our civilization won’t examine, that the root of evil is simply vanity. We unsustainable monsters ridicule the sustainable stone age cultures as “primitive” because our suicidal insanity is so advanced! Right!

So, if anyone wants to stay in touch, here is my mailing address

Ray Songtree
PO Box 1684
Hanalei, HI

Here is my land line 808-378-4152

Occasionally, when I check it, you can reach me here at ktii  at  nym.hush.mail but best to make the big effort and just call me. All of my email friends are always welcome to come to Kauai, borrow my car, and stay at my place, but call or write to my PO box.

I plan on being a little bitty activist on 5g here. I will distribute a flyer with that youtube video which my son sent, and give to as many parents as possible.


I also may start a website for Hawaii class action lawsuits on Glyphosate and Wifi. Time for action, not study. We already know what is happening.

Penny, now twelve and 5’1″ is really loving her horse and rides it a few times a week. In 9 months she will be 13 and ready for marriage according to nature, but not being surrounded by natural people, I’ll have to protect her from her deluded peers and their free love parents using poisonous birth control. Right. In nature, parents think about a good spouse for their child. In our culture we think of protection.

I am playing guitar and singing. We now have a finch, two parakeets, 5 chickens, 2 sheep, 4 dogs, 3 fish, a cat, and a horse.

I will to have to continue working as a carpenter/handman/fix-anything guy to just put bread on table and kibble in the dog bowls, and pay taxes and utilities since I lost my rental income due to landslides on road, still under construction. Our puppy sales should pay for the horse upkeep. When I can sell my house I will be able to live more retired again on some undeveloped land where I plan a tree house, and hope to grow food and live more and more simply.

Its natural as we get older to retreat and somehow vain to think I am waking anyone else up when I am so blind and deaf myself.

To the handful of you who have corresponded, and even less who I have actually had the pleasure to meet, love you!

Don’t respond to this email. Call me, 808-378-4152

I suggest the following newsletters,.. Natural News: Mike Adams, Technocracy News, Need to Know : G Edward Griffin, Zero Hedge, Infowars.


On December 4, 2018 at 10:20 AM, Joey wrote:
Are you traveling or just busy. I have noticed a lack of emails…hope this find you and yours well.

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  • Nick Curto says:

    WOW!!! VERY big changes have come to your life. I do understand why you are moving in a deeper direction and trying to simplify. I will miss your emails with a “Heads up” message. You are insightful and a truly great researcher. You have enriched my life and the lives of many others as well.

  • Panos says:

    Hello Ray.I know you feel isolated.There is a spiritual vacuum in our society that no matter how much some individuals try to fill it with meaning and depth,it just doesn;t happen.
    I suggest you would do well with others in your region,you don;t have to get isolated.Being yourself with kindness,what more could one ask?
    Castaneda could very well be a fraud.No need to base assumptions on something not proven.There are many resources to check this out.You know it better than me.
    I got isolated due to reasons i don;t understand yet.Because i was hurted by how human nature is?Because i have some kind of trauma since early childhood that prohibited me to continue with my life?I didn;t have much childhood,i had to read and prepare for the big world,the world of adults,for the system as one would call it.So i experienced some kind of false maturity,my spiritual development didn’t follow the natural process.I guess that is loss of childhood and that equals to a trauma also.So i hope your daughter will enjoy every last minute of playing as a kid. Let nature unfold itself on your child.No need to know the world of adults too early.
    With love and sincerity

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