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Ray Songtree Historical Overview Jan 2018


From a Facebook conversation…

I am guessing that you feel that the New World Order, Masons, and Vatican nexus is a conspiracy by control freaks who want total control. Is this your view?

I will now present a different view.

An alien off planet consciousness, which originates from giant so-called “mother ships” that are millions of years old, has colonized Earth, and the cycle started with the introduction of slavery/worship some 7000 years ago. The symbolism of Masons is pre European, from middle east. It is pre – Jesuit.

I myself am aware of 5 previous incarnations. Beings from this alien origin come and incarnate here to lead in transforming Earth, which means transforming the minds of humans to slavery, religious, etc slavery. A big step was bringing monotheism to the Americas. Then technology took a giant step with the discovery of oil. Then electricity. Ben Franklin was an ET plant. He then incarnated as Yogananda, and then as a famous ET specialist who I have confirmed this with.

I knew this soul in three incarnations. We are on same mission but I have dropped out as I see that the alien agenda is parasitic.

What we call evil is that we don’t like our planet being eaten, but for the ancient aliens, it is just another planet to eat. This is a point many never consider.

I feel you are mistaken about Jesus. Jesus was no invention. I have personally communicated with this soul twice. He is from another star system where emotions and focus is very different from ours. He is a counter force to the parasitic spread of the planet eater type ET. He is like a Jedi Knight, to use that image.

I am saying that we have all incarnated endlessly, but at this point, nature is being destroyed by vanity for vanity. The message of Jesus has been co-opted continually. You can only find him by using your heart, not the Bible. He is occupying a space as a commitment, and is available.

I’m not a Christian, I am a seeker. As I said, I was part of the religious administrative arm of the alien agenda in past. Example, I was at signing of Magna Carta.

Everything is happening within us, in our souls, our essence. That is where we must purify and make a decision. Do we support the artificial or the natural? Europeans lost their native ways after the Romans. Only 100 years before I was born, Native Americans were living freely in my home state California.

Americans have this, and Europeans no longer do. We Americans are closer to the wilderness and nature and closer to indigenous tradition. This understanding is the opposite of the alien agenda.

Of course I agree with you, that after Britain was used, now USA is used as military arm of New World Order. But lets not forget Switzerland, where Lenin was funded, which laundered money for Nazi Germany, where International Bank of Settlements is located in Basel, and then also remember Davos, and also CERN. Vatican and Jerusalem are centers also. I’ll leave you with this image….


Justice in Israel is impossible.

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