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Predicting the Future, 20 Year Cycle?

Hi Ed,

I am responding with my most comprehensive viewpoint as of these days.

In between the 20 years was plenty of horror Ed.

I don’t try to predict future. I am amazed the system is still functioning on “quantitative easement.”

What is planned is a controlled atmosphere, ocean, biology, a big petri dish, devoid of life as we know it, so ET or angels, take your pick, can create what they want.  Terra forming means using mind controlled “passionate” sheeple to transform planet into something suitable for ET.   The build up went ballistic when Franklin published his paper on electricity in 1751. Electricity and frequencies. The more the better.  ET has been working on this for thousands of years. The chemtrails and addition of glyphosate, now in everyone’s bodies,  are all planned.  Biology is at stake. ET equals the “angels” who used Moses and brought us Sanskrit, a system of divide and conquer to get to immortality (extended vanity, also called ascension) using lower castes. Sounds like Egypt and Aztecs doesn’t it?  Yep. The great wall of China wasn’t built to protect China, it was built to protect the elite.  You know, those people descended from the sun?

None of this sounds like Hopi or anything in touch with Earth, which includes most isolated cultures.  So we should never blame humanity. Humans are from the Earth. This madness is from elsewhere.

Along the way, every f–king thing will be destroyed unless we can expose them. If we can bust Hillary we will open a huge can of worms. That is what we want! You ask who opposes them. Who stands up against them is Buddha, Jesus, Malcolm X, etc etc etc. Icke, and millions of people, anyone who hates lies, who hates abuse, writers and thinkers and simple indigenous people who know the difference between ecology and domination.  Everyone who opposes deception is against them. Their motto is “By deception we wage war.”  The Mossad.court-israel-jerusalem-rothschild-text
Israel is built on deception, and so indeed was the old testament, a big psy-op, obey once a week or you will be stoned to death. Israel and NYC and London and Vatican and Beijing are centers.

The “Holy” roman empire, was just the roman empire with a new face of a crucified Jesus. Instead of talking about his message of throwing out the Moses mind programming of being the vain “chosen people,” he said, screw the “synagogue of satan” and go everywhere with this message because there is no one special.  The Church emphasized their victory in assassinating him. He never created a church!  Holy Roman Empire….

Holy my ass!

Every year has been a continued usurpation of our natural connection.  What are you and I going to do about it?

So Ed, can you get your kids to consider survival rather than consumerism?  Hand made rather than the machine? Personal sovereignty rather than centralization?


On 9/7/2016 at 8:22 AM, “Ed wrote:

Around the year 1900, there were many significant events-to name a few, the bombing of the U.S. Maine in Havana Harbor. The Boer War. The assassination of President McKinley, and the Russo-Japanese War.

[How about 1913- Federal Reserve Act and how about World War I]

Around the year 1920, there was the post-WW I creation of the CFR, and the RIAA, the transatlantic Anglo-American Alliance. The Treaty of Versailles was another event that took place within a year of 1920.

[In 20’s and 30’s was creating of Nazi with wall street help and Rothschild grandson, Adolf. Also Rothschild support of emperor of Japan to become industrialized.]

In October of 1940, the CFR met to form the post-WW II global political strategy. It included the planning of what became the Vietnam War.

[ In 50’s this was inacted. What year was nice?]

In 1960, the final year of the Eisenhower Presidency, plans were made for the U.S. Invasion of Cuba.

[60s CIA created drug revolution to take down the radical students, and creation of environmental movement to sabotage Rachel Carson wake up,
and New Age movement, to neutralized dissidence with me me me peace on Earth, and creating of feminism to destroy family. Plenty of stuff.]

In 1980, FEMA was created near the end of the Carter Presidency.

[Nothing in 80’s or 90’s?  Think about this.  NAFTA, big money moving to China, false flag terror building up]

In 2000, the 9/11 WTC and Pentagon attacks were planned?

What do you believe are the plans in store for us around 2020?
Is the Illuminati under threat of defeat? What forces want to defeat the Rothschilds Pindar led Illuminati?



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