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New Ideas for TV Series – Calling All Good People in Industry

Hi S,  ( his show… )

That is okay, I got it intuitively 🙂   IMO We need to offer the gate for the escape, from the hell of crime within the NWO/Illuminati.  It is not unconditional love we offer, it has conditions like purification, but it is something we need to offer. This gives the dark side a way out of the darkness. They are eternal like you and I and need support too. This includes the operatives assigned to reading our emails.

What I am suggesting Sean, is that you be The Man, to come up with a TV show that is predictive programming for bringing society back to sanity.  So think about this….  Opposite of AI is organic intelligence, opposite of over consumption is spiritual focus, opposite of pollution is no more mining, opposite of fragmented people is family values, opposite of centralization=all seeing eye = NWO = total Clusterf-ck  is what?

It is re-localization, the opposite of centralization.  Seek the opposite of their BS and we see the way forward. (back to sanity)

Let’s assume we will bust all these crimes, then what?

That is where people like yourself come in with your wide network of industry friends, the white hats of media, and have a predictive programming show that initiates, affirms, supports the opposite of centralization.  Obviously you are just beginning, and wouldn’t this be the next step?  I think everyone you know would like idea.  I think you will get LOTS of help. The opposite of NWO predictive programming …as if they are going to win. You will produce the opposite… that organic diversity WILL win.

I’m not into promoting my book as much as telling the story, and the book is one way. Youtube is another.  Thanks for your attention.

Have a good weekend!


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