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The Myth of Greatness – Why Freedom of Speech is a Delusion


I’m sorry you don’t understand me.  I re-read my email and it is perfectly cogent, but I’ll repeat.  We white invaders only had sanctioned and limited free speech because we were ripping off everyone else and were rich enough to have more choices.  Black people and Native Americans NEVER had choices, nor free speech in this country. That is fact.  Did MLK have free speech?

America was NEVER “great,” it was, and is still, a big unsustainable rip off.  At no point in our history can we find anything great, so this man is just lost in a trance. It was “greater” than other places that it made poor. It was only “great” in terms of consuming more.  Being “great” was a temporary dominant culture indulgence by some invaders getting obese on the rest of the world’s suffering. That was our pay off as workers for the elite. The immigrants like my ancestors and yours, were used by the capitalists to harvest nature and extract anything, and destroy everything. This started with the first Pilgrims. Please examine the legacy of  “free speech” and ‘greatness” here…..

Native Americans get the chance to tell their side of the …

… telling the story of how Europeans raided the area for slaves long before the Pilgrims arrived. The exhibit was made by a Native AmericanNative Americans get …


Here is Ted’s response.

Hi Ray
I stopped listening to Alex at infowars years ago when I saw him in an interview claim he had inside knowledge from his family connections in the oil industry in Texas, that peak oil was a complete hoax, and that if it was true, it would be used to deny our destiny to leave Earth and explore the stars…???!!!
Time to go watch this doco again: ‘Earth and The American Dream’  https://vimeo.com/44470690

On 5/12/2016 at 12:43 AM, m wrote:
I think you are way, way  off on this on Ray…
On May 11, 2016, at 11:37 PM,   Ray wrote:

I listened.

Well, Free speech is a privilege of a rich society.  It is an indulgence.  Did any natural culture have free speech?  No.
They had community which guides all behavior. 

So I feel this man is just hanging on to the indulgence that was based on ripping off rest of world.  America was never
great, it was a tool of the most messed up monsters ever and our freedom was built on someone else’s land, sweat and blood.
He doesn’t question the whole civilization yet.  This is because for most people, they have no working relationship with
the living Earth. They would have no idea what I just said.

Mariel, bottom line, infowars is globalist anti-Earth part of dominant culture… Alex doesn’t understand this yet.
He constantly says he feels our future is off planet. “The stars.” 

He doesn’t see America was truly great 500 years ago and could have stayed great indefinitely,
and has gone down since.  The forests, fisheries, soils, pure water, pure air is gone.  But he thinks America is great.

So it was not mature in my eyes. It was another irrelevant bubble.  From what I’ve seen, almost no one wants to talk
about long term environmental impact.  Because the Earth isn’t real. “The stars” are real.


On 5/11/2016 at 10:25 AM, “M wrote:

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