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Kindergarten Students Subject to New Sex Education Gender Blurring

By August 16, 2017 Children

Kindergarten classes in Austin Texas teach children about sex.  Isn’t that the parent’s job? As the below links show, this is a systematic globalist program, not local at all.  The globalist plan is to erase gender to create more easily manipulated human slaves. Crazy? Sounds like theory? Can’t go there? Then let’s go back to parenting and sanctity of family.

Sex-ed protesters want the school board to take action

Innocence is not in the curriculum.


5 minute video below on Austin Schools

Gender Identity Curriculum Angers Parents in Virginia

The Fairfax County Public school board recently approved lessons about homosexuality and gender identity in its Family Life Education curriculum. The move has angered …

French parents boycott schools over ‘gender … – France 24

The collective action was to protest … The message also alerted parents that sexual education will invade kindergarten … France’s largest parent
Parents plan larger sex-ed protest Friday | Peterborough Examiner

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