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Islam – Submission or Asking Questions?

An Email to Islamist true believer –  His initial email far bottom.
If you are to be honest, you should say the story about his wives is disputed as this says here. And I would agree that the Jews were immoral. So was Alexander the Monster (Great)

“The majority of traditional sources state that Aisha was betrothed to Muhammad at the age of six or seven, but she stayed in her parents’ home until the age of nine, or ten according to Ibn Hisham,[28] when the marriage was consummated with Muhammad, then 53, in Medina.[29][30][31] This timeline has been challenged by a number of scholars in modern times.[32] Both Aisha and Sawda, his two wives, were given apartments adjoined to the Al-Masjid al-Nabawi mosque.[33] “

This excerpt above was from wikipedia which is the dominant culture. Wikipedia says his other wives were widows, as you say, and gives the possible reasons for the marriages.

It is possible that the story of Islam, as understood by Paul Joseph Watson and myself, and, as told by history and by-ex Muslims is not true, but for me, it is true when something is covered up. In her case below, they want to kill her. That means she is telling an inconvenient truth.

I read an officially approved biography of Mohammed in college and he had a 16 year old white slave girl friend that pissed off his wives who were being ignored. He was no holy man. He was simply another channeler, like Moses. He channeled other dimensional entities for THEIR agenda. Perhaps no one else has ever told you this, but it is so. K, there is no divine. Anyone who stratifies life is creating the hierarchy of abuse. I go over this again and again with my emails. There is no top or center in endlessness.

I know you believe “the divine” is impeccable but I do not, having met ascended masters twice. No, they are parasites. They are terrified of incarnation so they try to live forever. And that is the source of evil, right there, that attachment to vanity over rebirth and recycling.

So being noble the way you interpret an aggressive religion, has teeth. If you don’t agree that it is noble, the killers will appear to make sure you do agree.
Noble? Chivalrous?
And then there is the actual history of war. It is a real archeological history which I don’t think you want to look at… It is fact, not interpretation. It is what happened.
I hope you have seen this. 5 minutes.  
(click image below to start video)

Does Islam mean submission.? If it does, then it is a monstrous mind crushing program.
Does it or not?
Below URL is what living Muslims believe the word “Islam” means and it is disgusting. And built within this definition, is the support for Jihad.
This is a Muslim website. This is who propagates what you call propaganda, Muslims themselves.


Now you might say they are confused and you are certain that you are not confused, but you are being an apologist for the history and definition of Islam. Why???????
Why not let go of it and be your own prophet? The world needs diversity, not submission. Does that make sense?

K’s attached file –

Some Precious Hadiths [questioned]

It’s always good to be reminded of our Prophet and the succinct wisdom of his words. He always emphasized actions that reduce our egoism and thus enliven our hearts. Here are some Hadiths to “taste” and contemplate:

The best thing about your religion is its simplicity.

Truly, God has ordered simplicity for this community and he detests difficulty for it.

If there is as much as a mustard seed of pride in someone’s heart he will not enter paradise. [No such thing. The religion is built on a carrot that doesn’t exist.]Someone said: “Truly, a person loves to dress well and have good shoes.”[A materialist does.] The Prophet answered: “Indeed, God is beautiful and He loves beauty. [There is no separate God so what is he talking about? Does God have a penis? Why a he? ] Pride is disdain for the [one and only] truth, and contempt for people.”

The slightest ostentation is idolatry; hostility to one of God’s friends is like declaring war against God; truly, God loves the virtuous, the pious, and the obscure [and those that love his friends, and if you don’t, you are at war with God and will be hunted down] : those who are not missed when gone, and were not noticed when present. Their hearts are lanterns of guidance, and they live in poor places sheltered from the looks of others.

The best work after faith in God is love toward people. [Wrong, love is not human supremest. This is perfect example of a false nature-hating religion]

People are similar to a herd of animals: out of 100, you will hardly find a single one capable of [interested in] long journeys.

[And Mohammed knows where everyone should journey toward…. right. And if you disagree, you will be persecuted. Right.]


On 9/5/2018 at 10:10 PM, K wrote


There is something wrong with the dominant interpretation of Islam, but many Muslims are working hard to right the situation.

Your opinions of Muhammad have been shaped by propaganda. Muhammad married the daughter of his best friend in her mid-teens. She was a feisty red-head and challenged Muhammad in some respects but went on to become a respected teacher of men in her mature years. He was monogamous for many years until Khadija died. Later his other wives, except for Aisha, were widows or previously divorced women!

Want to know the character of Muhammad? Look at Saladin. Look at Islamic chivalry (futuwwa).

I’m not denying that boy-sex is a pathological part of Pashtun culture (which derives from ancient Judaism).

See the attached file to understand the kind of virtues Muslims generally cultivate.


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