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Now you know you are doing something right when you are getting special attention from the surveillance state.

I’ve been tracked for a while, but no one has entered  my house for some years and left a message. But then I’ve hardly been here. An agent came in, two nights ago, I guess it was at night, and left a little message, which is what they do.

He left a fork bent in half on a folded towel.

A few years ago when an activist/journalist moved into house, an agent entered home and left a door almost closed with a lamp behind it, so when I pushed on door it hit the lamp. This was a door that was never closed.

This was message that they were watching the journalist.

This bent silverware was after corresponding with Jeff Rense and Henry Makow, so I am on the lists NO DOUBT.

I told a friend on phone, that I needed a minute to talk to them, and I explained on phone, knowing they were listening, that all of them are expendable, their bosses
don’t give a crap about them and they should back off and realize I am on their side in cleaning up the corruption.

This home entree thing is meant to creep out the target at first. It got worse for the woman I mentioned when she was in Australia, dead chickens on porch etc.

5 years ago in NY, when I got off a train at a remote stop on way from Woodstock, I was photographed. I kept walking and  then turned to see what the camera guy was doing. When he saw me looking he looked up at ceiling, and almost started whistling. It was so obvious.  He knew I knew 🙂 Now they had to watch my emails with my friend to know my itinerary. So I know they watch everything now. I’m job security for these guys. My goodness, someone who has opinions!

I’ve got a couple comments on my new unknown website, one incoherent from a BBC email address, and another almost incoherent with an email address america something.  Neither responded to queries, because they aren’t real people. So they are watching and letting me know.

Hi guys!  I know you know and I’m not worrying about it. Your job and my job will come together as a team soon!

And if I ever end up your boss, you will not be expendable!


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