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Fail – Trump’s February 28, 2021 Speech at CPAC Did Not Deliver – By Nick Curto

This excellent list was produced by Nick Curto of New York Disclosure Network.


President Trump totally held back on all the most important issues that we all hoped and believed that he would go after and address with force and conviction! He has the potential to have done that. The fat that he let so many people and issues off the hook at the time was sad.

If he had read these various issues listed below it would have been the speech for the ages, and it would have been breathtaking indeed. A speech that we were all looking to him to give and a game changer for sure worldwide. The whole world was watching and the let down was palatable.

Everyone would be wildly cheering worldwide as it would be perceived, and justly so, as visionary, futuristic, doable, and a workable plan for not only America but the entire world for right now and for the generations to come! Can you imagine the deep feeling that America finally has a plan that is inclusive and exceptional for all of humanity? The peaceful nations would cheer and the greedy and selfish leaders of other countries and multinational corporations would be shown for who and what they really are. There would be no place to hide.

Major Issues that should have been addressed:

1. A totally stolen election and action to turn it around with a huge amount of proof.

2. Major military action to take out the false Biden administration.

3. Canceling all the false Biden administration new agreements that destroyed all Trump’s progressive work for America

4. Hundreds of Indictments bringing to justice the Pedophile rings and stopping child abductions and murders.

5. Uncover the fake Covid scare and why that is really taking place?

6. Wearing masks that has been proven to do far more harm than good.

7. The lock down that destroyed both small and major businesses.

8. Why 5G is aggressively being shoved down all of our thoughts worldwide?

9. Why are Smart Meters being aggressively installed worldwide?

10. The billionaires massive purchase of American lands.

11. The Corporate control of food.

12. The Big Phama pricing that is way above the same meds in other countries.

13. The holding back of cutting edge technologies for new power sources.

14. The WHO aggressively holding back much more effective and non invasive Cancer cures that cost a fraction for the treatment.

15. Stopping the huge plastic pollution in the world seas.

16. Building simple housing for the homeless world wide.

17. Saving farmer’s from having to sell there farms.

18. New techniques to cleanly use Gas, Oil, and Coal and also save thousands of jobs and create more jobs too.

19. Bringing manufacturing back to the U.S.A.

20. Rebuilding America’s electronic grid system to make it impervious to attack by the EMP bomb.

21. Rethinking what is being taught in our schools with new updated systems and truth checking for history courses.

22. The major rebuilding and repairing of Americas bridges and roads that are old, dangerous and falling apart.

23. Stopping Chemtrails in our skies that spray megatons of dangerous chemicals and nanoparticles on us every single day and hurt and poison people, water, food, animals, our pets, insects including bees that pollinate to grow our food, etc.

24. Close open borders and process people by following the laws and background checks.

25. Overhaul the entire medical system and focus on the waste and huge coasts that can and must be reduced.

26. Truthful information on the new Space Force and full and complete disclosure of off world beings and treaties that have been signed.

27. Helping other countries with issues of their own democracy and food, water and housing shortages.

28. Bring all the Bankers to justice who work to encourage and produce world wars for profit.

29. A system of rewards and advanced learning opportunities for students who demonstrate that they are capable of going further in their studies and are gifted.

30. A program of better and more substantial benefits for veterans and seniors.

31. The launching of “The Department of Peace” to work with other countries to better understand the national needs and issues and to gain the trust of the nations citizens and to show that the billions of dollars for the cost of wars would be much better spent for the needs of the people.

32. The launching of “The Department of Universal Understanding” to reach out to neighbors from other parts of the galaxy as they will appear sooner on this planet than most people think, and to learn from their different cultures and to share in new and innovative ways of living in peace, and sharing advanced science, medical and enriching life and better living and working discoveries.

33. A total and complete ban on all nuclear and atomic weapons of every kind and a banning of all weapons testing of every kind with strict and deep checking and severe penalties for any infractions whatsoever.

34. A strict private privacy law that would ensure that the privacy of any person would have the assurance that they would have the peace of mind that evasive deep tracking on their life would be punished by severe penalties to who of what was doing it.

35. That The Constitution of The United States of America would be strictly followed as it was written by the Founding Fathers of our great nation, and that the very same principals be adapted by the peoples of all nations as they may choose to do so.

EVERYONE, including the entire world’s populations, that in their hearts want America to continue to succeed and lead the way, would be totally blown away by such a speech. I think that the sheer truth, magnitude, and the advanced visionary concepts that are embedded throughout such a speech are breathtaking and challenging, but are very doable. The world would literally stop and quietly think about what was being put forth, and then the deep display of truth, justice, and sanity of these sincere words would make some people cry with tears of love, joy and understanding. All countries, all citizens, all various groups, all nationalities, all races, all ages, all spiritual and religious groups, and all cultures would deeply feel that this has to be the right path for the planet. No one is left out. Everyone is counted and cared for. All of humanity and beyond has a place in the plan. Peace, love and understanding can not be denied.

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