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Don’t Be Happy for Native American Pay Offs – Know the Enemy

Letter Oct 4, 2016

Okay, lets see what this is.  First of all, The Daily CIA Kos  which published this article is controlled opposition.

For Native Americans, this money is a pay off and here is what they get. … A big lie.  Read the comments on the article to see how people are suckered and don’t know what Obama is…    Also note on right side all the Trump hate.  So this article and Kos is just the establishment story, not what it appears.  Money can’t pay for what is lost, and money comes with strings.  Natives and ourselves should want sovereignty, not money to tie natural human beings more into the “formal economy…”   Sad.

The U.S. has agreed to a $492 million in a settlement with 17 American Indian Tribes ending decades and, in some cases, centuries of disputes between the U.S. government and numerous tribes.

“These historical grievances were a barrier to our shared progress toward a brighter future,” said Attorney General Lynch.  “With today’s announcement, those barriers have been removed and decades of contention have been ended honorably and fairly.  These settlements reflect the shared vision, the mutual respect and the enduring partnership that we hope to achieve between tribes and the federal government and I look forward to all that we will achieve together in the days to come.”

“Settling these long-standing disputes reflects the Obama Administration’s continued commitment to reconciliation and empowerment for Indian Country,” said Secretary Jewell.  “As we turn the page on past challenges in our government-to-government relationship with tribes, we’re moving forward with tribal governments to ensure proper management of tribal trust assets.  [the gov will decide what is proper]  I commend the Department of Justice, our Interior Solicitors, tribal leaders and other key officials for recognizing the importance of communication and mutual respect, opening a new era of trust between the United States Government and tribal governments.”

The disputes were concerning the United States’ mismanagement of tribal lands, stretching back into our country’s history.

Those treaty responsibilities include agreements dating back to the 1800s that made the U.S. government the trustee for huge swaths of tribal land. The Department of the Interior says it manages almost 56 million acres of land on behalf of tribes, and handles at least 100,000 leases on that land for a wide variety of uses including housing, timber harvest, farming, livestock grazing, oil and gas extraction. More than 250 tribes have some assets held in trust by the federal government.


Before the Obama administration could turn to the business of settling the 100-plus lawsuits by tribes, it had to resolve a 13-year class-action lawsuit alleging the government failed to pay individual people billions of dollars in profits from land that had been seized from American Indians. A $3.4 billion deal was reached in 2009.

The Obama administration settled more than $1 billion with various tribes back in 2012. As Melody McCoy, an attorney with the Native American Rights Fund, tells NPR:

The settlements announced Monday are the second round of agreements. McCoy says that since Obama took office, there have been 95 total settlements with tribes, and that 11 more, some of which she handles, are in active negotiation. “It is quite an accomplishment,” she says.

While the bar for the American government’s relationship with Native American groups could not be set any lower, President Obama [ As if he initiates anything.] has done far and away the best job at changing the United States’ government’s relationship in regards to our country’s original people.


In my opinion (IMO), the government will cause division within the tribes’ resistance with bribes, guaranteed.  The pipeline has 97% approval for construction.  The Dominant culture will smear, censor, wipe out anyone in “our” way.  “We” must prevail. The grand “we” will even bring in disease if needed, as in Haiti, which was no accident, as liar Bill Clinton (his handler is Hillary) claimed.

Lawsuit claims UN forces introduced cholera epidemic to Haiti

Thousands died when the U.N. brought cholera to Haiti.  The U.N. refuses to compensate the victims and no one can force it to.

The UN is the Roth-efellers BTW, so of course the UN is not accountable. (The UN is the New World Order. Globalization IS the New World Order.)

The tectonic weaponry HAARP attack on Haiti had a destabilization/consolidation purpose and Cholera was brought in to further that purpose.  Bill Clinton (handler is Hillary) was brought in to organize the pillage.

So lets return to Native American struggles…

In the Dakotas, the military has already drawn up different contingency plans on what to do about the pipeline protest, and also has a schedule. They always do. That is why we pay taxes… 🙁

We dominant culture citizens, will use psychotronic warfare.  We may used drugs. Leaders may even “commit suicide.” Snipers are already discreetly in place and observing.  Randy Weaver had FBI agents staking out his home for 1 1/2 years before they murdered his wife in cold blood. The same happened at Waco and Wounded Knee. Oh, yea, the FBI has integrity my ass. Think Hillary FBI.  Integrity?

20 Years Ago at Ruby Ridge: FBI Sniper Slays Mother Holding Baby…Randy Weaver lived with his wife  … stood in the doorway, holding a 10-month-old baby in her arms and … FBI Exonerates Agent who Killed Mother…

I feel sorry for the people who “have faith” and don’t understand that there is such a thing as an enemy.  An “enemy” is not an erroneous attitude, it is the person who WILL take advantage of you if you don’t protect yourself.   It is just like the story I shared about Maori inter tribal warfare.  No one can use diplomacy with someone that only has interest in domination.  Just look at their history and better be careful and carry a big stick.

The Western Hemisphere holocaust for 500 years…..

No one can negotiate with a person who is monotheistic and thinks they know THE TRUTH.  Such people are eventually shown to be psychopaths.  The Jews slaughtered the Canaanites and took their women for rape slavery because GOD was on their side.  The Conquistadors…  This is not a rant, this is history.  This is why the history of Muslim expansion is relevant.

Speed up to today.  Our one and only true GOD today is our tech. THE truth today, which almost every internet user believes in is   … “Progress” with a capitol P.

“Collateral damage doesn’t matter if we can get oil” …. (for our unsustainable toys.)  This is a type of dogmatic monotheism and is insane. “The only one and true God is Progress. DO NOT QUESTION PROGRESS!”

Given a choice of slaughtering thousands of Native Americans or losing their Smart Phones, what would the dominant culture choose to do in the Dakotas?  Well, look at Iraq.  The reader probably doesn’t even care. But many vets do. They are killing themselves at rate of 22 per day to escape from their war crimes.  Your tax dollars at work.

And WTF is "Truth"?

And WTF is “Truth”? His truth? The one and only truth?


There is an enemy.  There always is. This was Gandhi’s delusion in trying to apply a pluralistic approach to Muslim monotheists. He became a dogmatic pluralist in denial that enemies exist. 800 years of Muslim conquest in India didn’t get through to him. Gandhi was criticized in real time, and he had his critics banished BTW.   The book I mentioned about him is very good. In fact, IMO, this is why the big lie about Gandhi’s saintliness was created and is spread today.  “Since Gandhi was a saint, you should be too.”  Gandhi never noticed that his hero Jesus happened to lose his cool and curse a fig tree.  There is no perfection, but Gandhi was deluded and tried to APPEAR to be perfect. He was always on stage. And now you should be non-violent, because that is the direction of perfection. Bullsh-t!  You should protect what you hold sacred, even with your life! And if you are Native American, the Earth is yours to protect.

Gandhi was a placed puppet and was delivered to modern Americans by the Hollywood movie to neutralize dissent. Guaranteed, the Dakota tribes have new age bimbos there preaching non-violence and also paid agents there to cause trouble.

IMO, the Native American tribes should now create their own armed blockade and say, this is our land, period.  Liberty or death.

This confrontation is way bigger than the Hammond’s standoff in Oregon  IMO.

Many American will watch the destruction of Native Americans just like they watched the destruction of Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians and be apathetic because the facts are hidden from them.  I just discovered there has been no news of immigration problems in Sweden since last January.  Censored. Same will happen with Dakotas.

Maybe we can support the freedom fighters for a change, but NOT by being glad they are bought off.







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