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Does Evil Exist?

I’m going to share something that some of you will have difficulty with.

There is no evil, there is just competition.

Today, some tall grass was in my way so I chopped it. I see people chopping grass all the time.

Yea, but that is not deceitful Ray, you didn’t trick the grass.

Well, maybe I did. Maybe I watered it. But how about hunters? Hunters trick animals all the time. Creeping up on prey is deceitful. How about barb wire fences? Is that evil?

So, what is normal eating for us is not considered evil, it is just eating, and perhaps Aliens living off of planets so they can be vain and immortal isn’t evil, it is just eating.

The World Economic Forum doesn’t think that what it does is evil. Karl Schwab who was trained by mass murderer Henry Kissinger doesn’t think that anything he does is evil.

Is evil in the eyes of the beholder?

The other word is good. Good implies what, perfect? But no being is perfect. Cursing a fig tree isn’t perfect.

So what is all good and not at all bad? Nothing.

Good is only a useful word in relationship to a scorned behavior. Is scorning good?

Should we hate evil? No? Don’t resist evil, let it flourish?

Patriots think America is great, but Native Americans don’t. Clearly, a civilization that destroys the land is evil. No?

So here is my conclusion at this time. Evil is a word we use to scorn behavior that competes with our plans.

That definition doesn’t leave us feeling superior and righteous does it?


And now the come back…

For me good is embracing and loving the circle of life, death, and rebirth, and evil is trying to avoid rebirth

and doing anything to save me me me from recycling.  Anything includes creating an AI planet to use everything there

to perpetrate ones vain bid for immortality, and this is what I feel an alien force is doing to Planet Earth.


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