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Common Core Curriculum Confusion – Is Trump sincere?

By January 26, 2017 Children, Everything Trump

Common Core Confusion – Is Trump sincere?

I don’t get it.  Who is this Betsy DeVos person really? 

President-elect Donald Trump has picked Betsy DeVos, a top Republican donor and school choice activist, to head the Department of Education, the Trump transition team announced Wednesday, November 23, 2016.

Her full statement on common core is now a blank page


Both these articles are revealing, the second is out right alarming for me.

The most insidious thing about Common Core is it is set up to track and profile students, with tests that are tailored to how the student answers, which leads to a new answer… that is , there is no standardized test and all answers go on a permanent profile which includes psychologically profiling student… for life… in a data dossier.  I don’t want electronic testing!




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