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Recommended Websites and Great Women

List of Recommended Websites and Great Women

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Recommended Websites Kauai – Island Breath – Ea O Ka Aina Iraq Veterans Against the War Culturewars.com Babesagainstbiotech.org  and Babes Against Biotech | Facebook StopTheCrime HenryMakow.com Geoengineeringwatch.org Infowars.com Localfutures.org Federal Jack Age of Autism Rense.com Wanttoknow NaturalNews Cathy O’Brien – Official Site Pakalert Press Leuren Moret: Global Nuclear Coverup Zero Hedge * * * Some Truly Great Women   • Cathy O’Brien: Hero mind control sex slave survivor and whistleblower, author of Tranceformation of American and Access Denied for Reasons of National Security • Cisco Wheeler: Mind control survivor, author of Behold a White Horse • Karen Wetmore: Hero mind control survivor, author of Surviving Evil: CIA Mind Control Experiments in Vermont • Elisa E: author of Our Life Beyond MK-Ultra. • Journalist Sharon Attkisson: busted CDC for making up false numbers about the fake Swine Flu “pandemic.” (Robert Kennedy Jr.’s 2014 book “Let the Science Speak” affirms this CDC corruption. • Leuren Moret: continues to connect dots between environmental pollution and secret agendas. See above link. • Dr. Judy Wood: 9/11 researcher wrote Where Did The Towers Go? • Cynthia McKinney: hopefully will be our first woman President,  Didn’t bite the bait while in Congress about 9/11, and witnessed Israeli blockade of medical supplies to Gaza first hand, among much other hero activism. www.allthingscynthiamckinney.com • Dr. Vandana Shiva: Seed, GMO and women’s right activist India. www.navdanya.org • Bethany Hamilton: lost her arm to a shark but continues as champion surfer athlete and Christian leader. www.Bethanyhamilton.com • Nomi Carmona: GMO…

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