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Axe for Common Core?

By December 13, 2016 Children, Everything Trump

If students are no longer tracked by ipads, google docs and federal profiling, then the global regime will be knocked back.  Local control that includes this tracking is not sincere.  – Ray Songtree


Trump’s education secretary pick plans to get rid of Common Core standards

Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education, will put the brakes on the contentious Common Core standards if she is confirmed by the Senate.


“It’s time to make education great again in this country,” she said at a Trump rally in Grand Rapids, Mich., on Friday. “This means letting states set their own high standards and finally putting an end to the federalized Common Core.”

DeVos, a prominent Republican donor and the former head of the Michigan GOP, is known as a charter-school advocate and a booster of school choice and education vouchers.

DeVos’ five-minute speech echoed her new boss’s stance.

“The answer isn’t bigger government — it’s local control, it’s listening to parents, and it’s giving more choices,” she said.

Advocates on both sides of the bruising battle over the federalized education standards said they were cautiously optimistic about the incoming administration’s position.

“I’m happy to hear it,” said Michael Reilly, president of Community Education Council 31 in Staten Island, “but I’ve heard this kind of rhetoric in the past from both sides of the aisle.”

“We still see the measurement of our schools tied to testing,” Reilly said. “Until we move away from that, parents are not going to buy into the Common Core and the testing that goes with it.”

“This may actually allow us to go back to a previous era, when rigorous school standards were not this kind of pitched partisan battle,” said Marc Porter Magee, CEO of 50CAN, a national network of pro-Common Core advocates.

“When state and local leaders make their own decisions on school standards, they are much more likely to reach pragmatic decisions that will last,” Magee said.

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  • T.J. Thomas says:

    “The answer isn’t bigger government…” Common Core is state-level, not federal, and was pushed for by state governors. The federal government pushing to get rid of it would be the definition of big government interference in states’ rights.

    • raysongtree says:

      Thomas, Common Core is Bill Gates and is federal, but you are right, States were bribed into accepting it by Obama. It is federal and is part of something global which is why I put the World Bank graphic beneath the article.

    • Winthropt says:

      Please research your stated responses… Common Core was Initiated by the Federal Government… Which gave money to every State and school that voted yes to Common Core. The money was for each school to increase their Internet Band Width to be able to handle the increased demand the Common Core Testing would put on every school’s network…. Yet there is still no curriculum that teaches the students to prepare them for the CC testing… It was a Bribe by giving money to the states and schools who agreed to Common Core….

      • raysongtree says:

        In preparing for the test, the curriculum is adapted. For example, home school curriculums are now either CC aligned or not. All public schools are CC alligned. If one doesn’t know how the test will ask questions, one will fail. The SAT college entrance test became unintelligible to high school students. Teachers too are mind programmed to now teach for the test. They no longer have sovereignty in their own classrooms to teach what they intuitively want to teach in their own way. In fact, teachers never grow up. They remain like juveniles trying to get approval. I appreciate your perspective and I’m sure your research is sound.

  • L Garou says:

    Are you axin us or telling us?

  • Eileen Kuch says:

    It’s about time Common (Commie) Core standards were removed from the educational system nationwide. The responsibility of public education must be returned to the individual states and localities, not kept within the confines of the Federal Government. This is what’s contained in the Balance of Power parts of the US Constitution, which states that any powers not specifically granted to the Central Government belong to the individual states and to the people.
    Once the Feds took over local and state run educational systems, students from pre-K all the way up to high school and beyond were deliberately dumbed down, turning the US students from the top five all the way down to 45th place in world standards.
    This is an outrage, and those responsible for this predicament must face the consequences for their malevolent deeds. President-Elect Donald Trump has already made one move to correct this situation and bring US educational standards back to 1st World status. He’s chosen Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary in a move to totally abolish Common Core from the system.

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