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April 2021

No Way to Be A Relaxed Cop

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The law protects some and restricts others. It is never fair. In two traffic stops,  in this article (link) , there are two incidents. In the first incident, the police are overly cautious and abusive, and in the other, the cop is killed. Law can only work in a lawful culture, in my opinion.  The more have-nots there are, (people who don’t have the toys and property that denote status, or, not even jobs, or not even food), then the more crime there will be.  Rising population and declining resources seems to guarantee a growing police state. Now, if people are ecologically illiterate, they can argue and stay in their heads all they want.  Go ahead and argue.   “Freedom” is a Luciferian word that is not found in any indigenous culture. In other words, it is a colonialist or imperialist word.   “co·lo·ni·al·ist  – a person who supports the practice of gaining political control over other countries and occupying them with settlers.” “Freedom” is what you give the settlers while they rip off the natives, like Israeli “freedom” in Palestine.  It really means freedom to rape, and Luciferians are categorically into free rape.    The word “freedom” really means irresponsible greed. American “freedom” means the American Dream, which means being rich and fat and using up a disproportionate amount of world resources and enforcing this rip off  with 800 military bases and 11,000 to 55,000 overseas special ops at any given time, to “defend American interests”.     “The American dream…

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