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March 2021

Fail – Trump’s February 28, 2021 Speech at CPAC Did Not Deliver – By Nick Curto

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This excellent list was produced by Nick Curto of New York Disclosure Network. __________________________________ President Trump totally held back on all the most important issues that we all hoped and believed that he would go after and address with force and conviction! He has the potential to have done that. The fat that he let so many people and issues off the hook at the time was sad. If he had read these various issues listed below it would have been the speech for the ages, and it would have been breathtaking indeed. A speech that we were all looking to him to give and a game changer for sure worldwide. The whole world was watching and the let down was palatable. Everyone would be wildly cheering worldwide as it would be perceived, and justly so, as visionary, futuristic, doable, and a workable plan for not only America but the entire world for right now and for the generations to come! Can you imagine the deep feeling that America finally has a plan that is inclusive and exceptional for all of humanity? The peaceful nations would cheer and the greedy and selfish leaders of other countries and multinational corporations would be shown for who and what they really are. There would be no place to hide. Major Issues that should have been addressed: 1. A totally stolen election and action to turn it around with a huge amount of proof. 2. Major military action to take out the false Biden administration. 3. Canceling…

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