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June 2017

My Biggest Question – Ray Songtree – June 2017

By | letters and essays (Educational Comments only), True Sustainability | 4 Comments

My mind keeps learning and changing.  These days I ask what I should give my life force to? I am surrounded by brain washed people marching toward suicide and hypnotized by fake news, fake science, fake desires. There is an elite controlling history and our values. I’ve documented this.  I call this control, The Tyranny. What will derail the “progress” of tyranny? My thoughts…. Because overpopulation is real and most people are now dependent on the machine, no amount of “awakening” will derail the machine, because the majority of people are now industrial components.  Therefore, a collapse is ecologically/logistically certain and will take out  most people regardless of how aware people are of corruption or even the conspiracy/tyranny, because they are addicted to the tyranny. They live without a land base. They are the parasites. They literally are the base of the pyramid of abuse and they love the all seeing eye leading them. Knowing all this, the elite and their alien masters have a plan… They will survive, everything else is expendable! It is just one planet anyway in their lifestyle. But their plan includes saving what they have built. So, we will not experience a collapse, we ARE now experiencing controlled demolition through poisons in which the population will be greatly reduced, fertility will be greatly reduced, social poisoning has made sure that courtship toward family is currently replaced by serial hooking up in college,  while the machine gets even stronger. The population will not be educated or…

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