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March 2016

Understanding Liberal Bias

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Understanding Liberal Bias by Ray Songtree, March 27, 2016 Author of the non-profit Lipstick and War Crimes series. Once upon a time, liberal meant kind. But now that has changed. Those that consider themselves liberal often claim a higher moral ground which is actually amoral, because words like right and wrong are banned as “hate speech.” Common Core Curriculum teaches this amorality in schools now and Early Childhood Initiative by World Bank is taking this global. In the utopian world of “development”, only the one world government’s definition of “Universal Human Rights” is valid, and any other cultural preference is considered “unequal” and “not fair.” Since parents might have their own unique ideas, the responsibility to teach ethics and values is increasingly taken from parents and taught instead at school. This includes sexual norms.  At school and in the media, “Tolerance” is the new god.  Tolerance means there can only be the one standard of what is tolerable.  Anyone with other ideas of what is tolerable or intolerable is called an “extremist.” According to Common Core Curriculum, defining any and all sexual behavior as normal is being tolerant. Therefore no deviant behavior exists because there is no definition of deviancy. This is the liberal bias. Tolerance ultimately means no definition of right and wrong. Many liberals believe it is superior to have no standards that impinge on others. They think they themselves are superior and anyone who disagrees is backwards. That is, they have arrogance. This comes straight from the…

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