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May 2021

The Covid Financial Reset and the War on Nature

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The covid operation  1) reduces population with targeted regional jabs and terrorize entire world into one world government “for your safety.” 2) economy is imploded and rebuilt “better” meaning more centralized    3) 5G and nanotechnology is rolled out to control EVERYTHING  4) since people are sterilized or have autistic/mutated kids, clones are eventually the only viable (literally) alternative and these children are raised in boarding schools/mind program facilities  5) Toxic environment eventually kills everything and AI machine world is left to supply the alien machine as it moves on to other planets.     Behind all this are beings/entities who don’t want to die. They want their present personality, which they think is their “self’, to be immortal. Nothing is immortal but by controlling planets, these beings can exist in the context of disposable planets.  To be timeless, they must be able to witness time or change, and control that change, otherwise the change might get them.  No, they must control the change to remain immortal.   They would never incarnate anywhere, as then they would have to start a new personality and be subject to the karma of those lives, so they remain detached, in ethereal dependency, vain, and as they must use others to continue, and those others might defend life, the alien program teaches that everything is disposable, to be dominated and used, as per Genesis.  “You were created in OUR image to have dominion over all of life.”   This is Satanism which is the abusive stance…

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