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What the music industry sells as sexy needs to be seen as trash. The purpose of sexual social engineering  and dumbing down population is introduced in Vol 1 and deeper in Vol 2.

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 Miley Cyrus, another Disney New World Dis-Order robot.

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– from the The Introduction to Single Guy’s Edition

What is the opposite of misogynist? Let’s find out.

This is the male student’s mirror edition of Thinking Girls Guide to Sexual Identity. In fact, it is the same book.

There is little difference in how a man finds a good woman or a woman finds a good man. First of all you have to be one or the other and not some mix. You have to know what you are. You need to be clear because a good woman is not going to go for someone who is not quality. You have to be a good to find goodness. You have to know what purity is and practice it. Drinking beer and farting is not going to impress a good woman, just as dressing like a slut is not going to impress you. You have to see beyond the cute raw energy or the voluptuous magnetism, which is difficult, but if you don’t see beyond, and take the time to soul search the tone and voice of a perspective mate, you will get burnt and the burn doesn’t go away. A scar is a scar. There is a saying in India, “It is better to walk alone than to walk with fools.”

When we spend any time with someone, we are investing our energy. Be careful. Believe me, there are heaps of young women who know this instinctively and who feel the same as you or I. In the slowness of courtship, you should get to know several women, just because you like them, without getting addicted to something physical with any of them. Your dates should not be solo, they should be with her friends. Then you will get to know who she is when she isn’t on her best behavior. Natural, not artificial. If you can meet her parents and just be friends, you will be years ahead and the long road may open for you. And that long road may be a long friendship, which is plenty. Before you kiss her, find out what ALL her behaviors are. This takes time, but you are walking on ice. If you don’t walk softly, you will fall through and the river will drown you in sorrow or make you tough and hard and f**ked up…

… As humans we have a pure nature. Original sin is a lie coming out of fourth century Rome. You are a being of clear light with karmic habits. That is what you are. You will never be free of karmic habits but they can be closer to light than to habit. Responsibility in serving others will teach you what it means to be a man, and your children will teach you how to be a dad, but let them be your teachers. Since you may have no father role model, you will need to dig deep into your essence to be a really good dad. As heart breaking as it is to see your kids grow up and no longer need you, the best thing you will ever do is to try to be a good parent! …

… This first Volume of the Lipstick and War Crimes series will clue you into who is engineering our values and why. It is orchestrated, it is organized, it has a source, and it has a goal. It will require some re-assessment to wrap your head around. It took me years, but it could take you just weeks. That is why I wrote this. I want you to analyze it yourself, but I will give young men and women here in Volume 1, a glimpse into what has shaped your peers.

Young women who read this, remember, most people worldwide, only two generations ago, lived in rural indigenous cultures where women never tried to look sexy. Looking sexy is a vanity, a whoredom, foisted on urban women, and now on all women. You don’t need it at all. No matter what, if you are clean and tidy, you are attractive. This is a world wide truth, and through the ages. Fresh flowers always look great 🙂 Beauty wilts and rust rusts, but beauty is beauty and fresh flowers don’t need makeup…

… When I was in high school in 60’s, a bit young to understand Woodstock Festival, devastated by the murder of Robert F. Kennedy, sports sex was already in vogue. However, then, it was discreet. Now it is on the street, and natural modesty is called “shy shit” by the band Maroon 5.

We are conditioned now NOT to save something special for someone special. We are expected by everyone around us, to give away our tenderness, our sweetness, our hearts, our hopes, our strength to anyone with something wet for our need. The heart doesn’t even matter for the role model icons, profiled in the pages you are about to read…

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Shakira – Covered extensively in Vol. 3

Beyoncé – Vol. 1, 2, 3

Miley Cyrus – Vol. 1, 2

Katy Perry – Vol. 1, 2

Nicki Minaj – Vol. 2

Jennifer Lopez – Vol. 2

Christina Aguilera – Vol. 2

Madonna – Vol. 1, 2

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plus many others like Hillary Clinton.