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Time Magazine, Still Destroying Real Women

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New Time Mag….the only thing surprising about this list is that they didn’t include Madonna.  There is plenty of room in the world [rat race] for mediocre men, but there is no room for mediocre women.’ Madeleine Albright   Albright, the woman responsible for killing over 500,000 children in Iraq, is honored. She is also included in the Families section! Selena Gomez, a MK-ultra Disney brat like Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, is included.  Her claim to fame is 100 million followers on Instagram. Lesbians Oprah, Hillary, Helen Degeneres and Rachel Madow are included. So. exactly how are Degeneres or Madow included as women? Scroll down on the link below, and see how many of these alleged women are listed because they are breaking into male roles. I call this the all male paradigm where women, who don’t want to achieve like men in a male rat race world, are never considered successful.  They are put down as “mediocre”. Time Mag, being a long time New World Order rag, would of course include Sylvia Earle from NOAA, which spun the false data used for global warming and Agenda 21/Sustainability 2030. You have to laugh when Melinda Gates, placed by Rockefellers (Frederick Gates, Bill’s grand dad, was attorney for original Rockefeller Foundation, and William Sr, his dad was head of Planned Parenthood.) is called a philanthropist. What is being celebrated here is “transformation” and “shattering the glass.” Sustenance, not mentioned.  NONE are traditional women.  That would…

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Teresa Shook’s Soros Funded Women’s March Entirely Misses Donald Trump, Champion of Women

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Let’s begin with excerpts of an article from officially fake news Washington Post, once run by CIA Katherine Graham (and here) but now run by CIA and Bilderberger, Jeff Bozes.  He is also owner of Amazon which has a $600 million contract to provide the CIA with cloud computing services. (And here and here) For those who don’t understand the CIA’s role in social engineering, check out Gloria Steinem’s long career as a CIA agent, and the CIA funding of Ms. Magazine. (I covered this extensively in Vol. 1) The CIA, under fake news Brennan was anti-Trump and pro coverup Clinton, who as a career criminal has been lying all her life. In below excerpts, CIA Washington Post promoted the Women’s March as an anti-Trump event, encouraging women to be anti-Trump after his election. Most of the women hating Trump will discover he is their best friend, if, and only if, he fulfills his promise on ending Common Core Curriculum as he kept his promise on TPP. Excuse me. I’ve changed my mind. I’ll start this article with excerpt and images about Trumps campaign manager, you know, one of those humans who are discriminated against by “misogynist” Donald Trump.  I am a skeptic, so I have to hope she was not placed in this position as a poster child. “Conway met Trump in 2006, when she was living in one of his buildings, according to the Washington Post. She even served on the condo board of the Trump World Tower in…

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In the Name of “Equality” Anyone Can Order an In-Vitro Baby

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“Motherhood is the first and last line of defense against totalitarianism. If you think this statement sounds over the top, you ought to ponder why the family has always been the ultimate target of tyrannical systems of government such as communism.”  –  Stella Morabito The goal of the “world order” is an AI (artificial intelligence) future in which biology is replaced by technocracy.  The step by step attack on family and natural sexual polarity began with hijacked feminism, then the orchestrated gay agenda, then the normalization of transgender, all to soften us to transhumanism, the melting of biology and technology to create super humans who are dumbed down robots.  Conservatives object to this transformation. Liberals call it “progress.” Family loyalty between husband and wife, parent and child, grandparent and grandchild stands in the way of complete societal fragmentation, a primary goal of social engineers. Thus single moms are supported by the state, resulting in 50% of children in some cities now growing up with only one parent in the home. The family is exactly what Big Brother wants to eliminate so only Big Brother is “family.”    “One world family.”     “We are all one.” Now to further undercut family, infertility is being redefined. The purpose is to be “fair”  to foster more “equality.” Any New Age liberal would cheer. “In all fairness, why should only couples be called infertile? That is discrimination! If someone who is not in a relationship or is homosexual wants children, it is only fair and equal…

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