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Ramtha Archives - The Book Lipstick and War Crimes by Ray Songtree

Ray Songtree on Channeled Entities and War in Heavens

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Letter from a friend… R wrote: Where can I read more of your take on (cough, gag) “channelled’ entities? I read some of the links. It all sounds so cheesy, no one offers any evidence whatsoever of any claim. This is why Adi Da [Free John] is so important. He cuts through this junk and takes out the garbage. So many people believe this stuff, it’s hard to know where to start. I basically say, show me the evidence. Claims are supposed to arise from events, not hearsay, conjecture, theory, wishful thinking. Hi R, This sounds like good opportunity to expose delusionist Free John.  Yes, many people believe anything from the other side. Not very discerning, but there is, yes, another side, or as genius Derrick Jensen notes, “other sides.” I’ve met with 6 or 7 channeled entities.  Let’s see if i can remember them all. The first was El Morya channeled through someone named Janice who had lived once as Helena Blavatsky.  That was probably 1979 in Bellevue WA.  About that time I saw some videos of Ramtha, channeled by J Z Knight. Just a few years ago I met someone who knew Ramtha personally and had spent a lot of time with him. That person had a brother who worked at NASA on back engineering space craft and the brother was hunted down and murdered because he knew too much. The man I met didn’t like when I pointed out that Ramtha is Illuminati.  Then I think, the…

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The Limits of Vanity and Understanding

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The Limits of Vanity and Understanding Letter  April 27, 2017   M, In my observation, we are all blocked with what we think we already know.  I want to say a few things to you.  First, you came here to meet me, not my neighbor.  I feel, I offer you an overview on “enlightenment” and on Ramtha which apparently you have never heard. Some obervations 1.  Everything is moving and it is endless, therefore, there is no unchanging place or condition or achievement or state or consciousness that has arrived “there” and is enlightened. There is no safe end zone, no heaven, no enlightenment and there is no school of enlightenment and Ramtha is not an example of enlightenment. 2. Ramtha is an example of one type of focus of vanity. The grasping for immortality is vanity. The aversion to die to vanity and start over and be a part of the changing, called rebirth, is vanity. Sitting around a table and social engineering other planets is vanity. Thinking one is being creative doing so is vanity. 3. Ascended beings think they are ascended but they are not.  They are still somewhere.  As homeless voyeurs they get bored.  As ghosts they do mischief and as “angels” they do mischief.  Their existence is dependent on the living life of real life.  They are not above anything, they are still here and dependent.  4. Some of these beings have artificial homes, huge starships.  They experience through astral travel, but have a base…

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Free Energy Proponent Foster Gamble Supports Trump, And Even a Channeled Entity

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Foster Gamble joins many in liking Trump. Video interview below. Hillary Clinton is a career criminal and is loved by the corrupt swamp of media and government, so I myself prefer Trump also, who amazingly is keeping his campaign promises,  however… As my readers know, free energy translates to the endless environmental impact statement, extremely sick.  The idea that a tech can help nature is about as stupid as saying a GMO human is a good idea. Who will regulate free energy? Well, an enlightened one world government, of course!  Who will decide who is enlightened? Well, aliens of course! Now some may think I am being sarcastic about aliens because you might think we are alone in universe. We aren’t, and our civilization is built on ET tech. If you think David Icke is crazy, see this six minute video. Ecologically illiterate people all over the map don’t understand why I would care about the Earth Mother. Human supremacists can’t imagine that there are millions of other species who don’t need humans at all.  In the supremacist mind, nature is for post cards and vacations. Nature is what humans will manage, because might makes right, and since we think we can improve upon millions of years of natural balance, we damn well should! As a side line, the channeled entity Ramtha has come out in favor of Trump and has said Trump will be protected… http://www.rse-newsletter.com/2017/01/ramthas-prediction-of-ufos-and-president-trumps-plane/ Last December 8, 2016, Ramtha Predicted that UFOs Would Trail President Trump’s Plane…

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