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The Illuminati Snag Adele, a Peer of Amy Winehouse, Murdered

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Please scroll down for this photo essay. Quick introduction to article: Many people ask “Is Adele in Illuminati?” This shows a misunderstanding. The music industry IS controlled by Big Money, and all money is controlled by the Rothschild central banks. That is the pyramid. It is a music industry, a money industry, a controlled industry. Everyone who is successful in entertainment is part of this pyramid. Success is not allowed without compromises. As many artists have admitted, you must sell yourself to evil in order to be granted success. Evil includes rituals where young children are raped and killed. (Excellent playlist of videos on Illuminati Music Industry) Below is photo of illuminati pyramid atop Supreme Court Building in Jeruselum, built by Dorothy Rothschild. The Illuminati is same as New World Order is same as Zionists is same as banksters – (link) Predatory colonization became predatory Globalization. The Rothschilds created CIA, UN,  IMF, World Bank,  Ms. Magazine (CIA) and Playboy Magazine (CIA).  There really is a matrix of lies surrounding us and we need to wake up, one piece of evidence at a time. Because the entertainment industry is captivating, especially for youth, this is where the symbolism and the social engineering is pushed. The controllers want to take us away from what we naturally are. We are not naturally sheeple. We are not naturally sexually random and promiscuous. None of us are naturally gender neutral. Hollywood, Bollywood, the Grammy Awards, and Half time at super bowl are all controlled.  We only have…

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