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Silicon Based Nanotechnology and Morgellons Disease – Rense.com Mirror

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by Jan Smith  last reviewed January 18, 2008 from DoctorKoontz Website A Ten Year Morgellons Sufferer and Dedicated Morgellons Researcher The worst possible future is here right now and we need your immediate help.  Nanotechnology is disabling and killing human beings.  This information is not based on idle conjecture but facts proven by laboratory testing performed by Dr. Hildegarde Staninger at Woodshole/MIT Lab, Lambda Labs, and other accredited labs.  The results of these important tests are being ignored. The mainstream press for what ever reason has not informed the public by publishing the results of these scientific tests. This is news all Americans citizens should be aware of. Your help is desperately needed. My name is Jan Smith. I am 58 years old and have been debilitated for the past 10 years with Morgellon’s disease. Other members of my family have this disease as well. I have even had the sad experience of having my pet cat die from this disease. The vet said it was allergies but I knew what the lesions were that covered her face and ears. I have heard from many people who have lost their pets.  Even worse, many children are ill from this disease. I have included many photos in this letter. I have been documenting samples of this disease for the past five years and am well versed in the morphology of how this disease is manifesting and progressing in people. I have spent countless hours using a microscope to examine the disturbing signs of Morgellon’s.  I microscope clipart image have…

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Possible Test for Morgellans Disease – Wine and Peroxide Mouth Wash

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This is mirror created April 23, 2017 There may be follow up research. If so, please contact me. https://carnicominstitute.org/wp/morgellons-the-wine-peroxide-test/   “MORGELLONS:” THE WINE – PEROXIDE TEST   Posted by Clifford    Mar 9, 2008 Last Edit Mar 15 2008 I have no medical expertise and I claim none.  I am not offering any medical advice or diagnosis with the presentation of this information.  I am acting solely as an independent researcher providing the results of extended observation and analysis of unusual biological conditions that are evident. The following photographs are not pleasant to view and I would prefer to not have to present them.  The magnitude of the issue demands that the information be made available to the general public.  A method to remove at least a portion of the pathogenic forms that have been reported extensively on this site has been established.  The method involves the use of red wine or a red wine-hydrogen peroxide mixture as an extended rinse for the mouth.  Please see additional cautionary notes for the use of hydrogen peroxide within this report.  Full and entire credit for the discovery of this method is to be given to Dr.  Gwen Scott, N.D.  and the public has a call to be grateful for the many unselfish contributions that she has made to the understanding of the “Morgellons” issue (please also see A Natural Medicine Approach on this site). The use of the term “Morgellons” is a dubious approach as the pathogenic forms first discovered within a purported…

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Thoughts on Harald Kautz-Vella Black Goo Cosmology

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Note from author. Jan 10, 2019:  This article is very disparaging, however, a very recent interview with Harald shows a much more respectable side of him, which I will share here. Thoughts on Harald Kautz-Vella Update note May 12, 2016…. Harold is a bit more grounded in this presentation, but most of his statements continue to be simply his imagination.  Harald Kautz-Vella presentation,  He also continues to have the delusion that his speculations are same calibre of disclosure as Snowden or Wiki leaks, when his information reveals very little except his own theories.  In fact he would be encouraged to keep talking for predictive programming reasons and to distract everyone from any pro-active action. He has no call to action.  You might as well read a mystery novel.  – Ray Songtree. Note Nov 10, 2015  I see many people curious about Black Goo.  Everyone must understand that there is no fix or discovery that is going to save your family from the economic plight we are facing due to over consumption and resource depletion. A new energy source won’t solve soil erosion due to too many people.  Rather than waste time on pondering black goo, the reader should change her/his lifestyle so you can feed yourself and your family. This means move away from the city as soon as you can, and this is serious.  Learn to grow food. Harald Kautz-Vella is wasting everyone’s time.  Below is a discussion to help people see through his non-sense.  The reason people listen…

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